Saturday, June 03, 2006

Get Back In The Light

This collage is going to eBay too Sunday sometime, afternoon or evening!
I've got to fight to get back in the Light! I HATE, DETEST DEPRESSION! I have it thick in my family! soooooooooo I have a constant battle, most days I think we are inbetween, happiness and sadness! Everyone! Sometimes I think I watch too much CNN! but.............. those terrorists are out there! Now, they have arrested how many in Canada, how many more are there ready to terrorize!!! All the killings and kidnappings and perverts! UG! I've got to get back in the light soooo I can keep praying for goodness and peace!!!! Like a good thing I heard about this week-end is The Heart Gallery where they are taking pictures of foster children and putting their pictures up in a gallery..........mostly older children waiting for someone to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee their picture and fall in love with them! and to adopt them! Sweet! there is sweetness out there!!! Sweet Dreams! xoxooox


Blogger Colorsonmymind said...

I love the body position for this-perfect.

Oh sweety I hope you are feeling lighter.

6:13 PM  

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