Saturday, February 13, 2010

~~***LIFE AND DEATH***~~

I have aging parents and my 83 soon to be 84 year old dad is in the hospital nearer death than life.
When death is near YOU think of your own death more
The day I got my mammogram and ultrasound and learned I would have to go see a surgeon was the day my dad entered the hospital. That was Monday. Wednesday I got a biopsy and test results should be in by this coming Monday. Wednesday was also the day I witnessed a nurse do a treatment on my dad I will NEVER forget. Day by day is how we all live. I thought I would post this because as my sweet friend said in my previous post, we need support! I NEED your prayers and I will keep YOU all in my prayers as always! I've thought of many poems and never wrote them down but I think I will start. YOU do think of all who are important to YOU and my husband, my three children and their loves are our loves, my mom and dad, my brother and sister-in-law, all the family and friends YOU have are more sweeter!!!!! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

UPDATE 2/15/2010*******My biopsy was un-malignant(PHEW! THANK GOD!) They will schedule me an appointment and call next week for my operation to remove this lump!(hopefully, it will all test benign!) THANK YOU for prayers and thoughts! I am going to take a nice break now! GET WELL and STAY WELL my darlings! My dad,mom and our family needs your prayers too..................Thank YOU!


Blogger Janet said...

Cinda, I'll keep you and your dad in my thoughts. It's true we don't think much about death until something happens to remind us that we aren't here forever! You, my friend, will be here for many more years!

3:46 PM  
Blogger LadyTulip said...

Am keeping both you and your father in prayer dear. Please know you are being held tightly in love -


6:56 AM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Dear sweet friend Cinda ~~ I haven't been here for a while, and didn't realize what you were going through.

Will keep you Dad in my prayers. I know this is a difficult time, and then with your own issues. Thank our Good Lord, there was no cancer in the biopsy. I will be thinking and praying for your surgery.

Love and big big hugs
Wanda Mae

7:13 PM  

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