Thursday, May 11, 2006


INSPIRE ME THURSDAY, here I am!!! LOL Wasn't going to do Inspire Me Thursday this week but here I am this morning in New Norcia!!! Australia*** I had a dream this morning about Divinity. It was a little group of 3 worshippers and they were traveling around healing. They were called Divinity something, I can't remember but I do remember they were wearing the most beautiful robes and skirts, sashes, hats and scarves, they were all orange and gold! Soooo I go to google to seeeeeeeeeeeeee if there is such a little group of worshippers and healers and I came to an Aborginal artist, Deborah Nannup of Moora, New Norcia. She was commisioned to paint a painting for the Holy Trinity Parish. The colors she used were gold and orange, the gold meaning "Awakening to the sheer JOY of knowing Christ Jesus, our Lord, and the orange represents divinity, announcing the birth of Jesus. Soooooooo, I learned that indeed my dream was a gift! Hope you have Sweet Dreams! too!(and just in case you don't have sweet dreams here is a fun place I visited too this morning thanks via the internet, it might give you a chuckle!! xoxooxo


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