Thursday, May 18, 2006

My ALWAYS hungry weekly visitor

Meet" Hungry Bear" I might start calling him Beary!My bro's name is Barry!
I don't have any animals but I grew up with all kinds of animals because we had a farm . It wasn't til' I got married that I got allergic! Dang! I still LOVE them tho! This doggie lives up on the hill above us and comes visiting just about every week, sometimes maybe 2-3 times! Yes, they let their dogs and cats run lose where I live, it's in the city but it's like country upon the hill i live on! That's why I seeeeeeeeeeeeeee squirrels, groundhogs, turkey, possums(Ick), raccoons, bunnies and deer! also the neighbor's cats and this one dog! He or she is always looking for a hand out! I mean if I put a whole ham out, I think he would eat it!!! This dog is a glutton! I wonder if Boho's Marnie's dog is like that?!!!! She posted Daisy Mae just today and here is a dog that looks like Daisy! What breed is this Bo-gal??? I always perk up when I seeee this dog tho EXCEPT garbage day and then I have to chase it back home for fear it will get cut looking through the neighbor's trash!!! Bad doggie! Isn't he cute tho??? He must just have gotten his hair cut!


Blogger Vicki said...

cinda, those dog pictures are adorable! what an expression he has...and he likes to come visit you. we get lots of critters here also -- like you, we live in the city...but up on a hill and near open area. i've seen racoons, deer, snakes, and foxes. as you know, i get pretty perturbed with off-leash dogs -- but your beary looks pretty harmless...& cute!


7:54 AM  
Blogger Bohemian Girl said...

Hungry Bear and Daisy need to go on a doggie date!

Soooo precious!!!!!!!


10:02 AM  

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