Monday, May 15, 2006

dedicated to the ones I LOVE, praying for healing

I LOVE the word Alleluia!!! It sounds like a song, it is praise for the Lord!
There I sat in church once again asking, praying for healing this time for my daughter's eye and what catches my eye? A huge flag with the Fluer De Lis on it!!!
I love to stamp a fluer de lis on my paintings and I wondered of the origin of it as I left church and wondered why it was hanging in our church.
Flur means flower in french and the fluer de lis came from a flower, the Iris! The name Iris is generally derived from Iris, the eye, sooooo what a coincidence! And that is why they are sometimes called Flags because it is said one of the kings of France, in the 11th century, having been excommunicated by the Pope, in order to make peace once again between them, he decided to join the Crusaders! As was the custom in those times, each leader had a blazon on his shield and he chose the Iris. From this it was called the Fluer de Louis and then Fluer de Luse. Later it became Fluer de lis. As we were leaving church an older woman, a friend of the family asked about Gina and I told her about her eye trouble and please pray for her. She said she would pray to St. Lucy, the saint for eyes!


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