Monday, May 22, 2006

Self Portrait #4

These self portraits are Great FUN! Ha! I've always been a clown! It's great to get a laugh! and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee someone smile! sooooooooooooo I put an old old curtain around my face, I don't know what age I'm trying to capture in this pic but I Love those Pride and Prejudice kind of movies and any kind of romantic film! I think I should write a story and make it into a film! Oh La La!! I Loved the original "Swept Away" I never did see the remake with Madonna in it! Is it good, I heard it was a flop! I liked Legends of the Fall although it was sad, also, Last of the Mohigans. My Favorite movie is Flashdance and I loved Dr. Zhivago!!! That's the music I played on my wedding day!!! I've always worn skirts and dresses around the house, I guess that is old fashioned but that's my style and its soooo comfy!!! Well, it's in the weeeeee hours here and I've got to go get some ZZZZZZZ's! Sweet Dreams!


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