Monday, July 24, 2006


Before we went to the Glen Elk festival, Jerry and I went to my family reunion! Guess who we met there???? YES! My dad and mom! If you have followed my Blog my dad was very sick and near the Heaven's Gate back in March, but miracles do happen! I never thought he would be at the Reunion and DANCING and PLAYING THE FIDDLE! WOOOO HOOOOO! What a FUN day we had Saturday, we went down to the Moose and danced a few dances ourselves! after the Glen Elk festival because the band we had at the reunion was going to another gig that night! My cousin, Eddy's band is Backstage Pass and they are a pretty good band! My second cousins were in Pittsburgh finishing up a CD, they are trying to make it in the music business! soooooo hopefully I'll be bragging on them some day! soon! Maybe someone has heard them! Their band is called "The Davisson Brothers" If you like country, you'll like these boys! (I've tried many times to get a pic of mom and dad on here but Blogger is being stubborn tonight!) UG! I'll keep trying!
Jerry and I was gonna ride this carriage but like I said it was late and the one horse got sick! sooooo they had another covered wagon but I was smelling the horses and I'm allergic to all animals soooo we decide not to! Ah-chooooo! This was where I caught the train to Washington D.C. for our 6th grade trip! too when trains were running more than they are now! before they had the fancy trains they have now! too! This was an old B&O train! lol

Isn't this pretty? It was in a real old warehouse storage building over in a small part of town where I live near called Glen Elk. They had a festival Friday and Saturday. They had wine tasting, horse and buggy rides, tours, some bands, yummy food! but I fell in love with this safe door in the old 1901 building! Look at the painting on it and all these floors were wooden, I want to go back! We got there too late Saturday! Just about closing time! Does anyone recognize this painting? I think it is soooooo COOL!


Blogger Deb R said...

I don't recognize it, but I like it. :-)

10:51 AM  
Blogger b/sistersshoes said...

I think this picture is of Yosemite National Park. It is a famous Railroad pass through the largest rock formations there.(also famous for rock climbers)

Glad dad and mom had such a healthy good too

missed you girl!
love to you

11:21 AM  
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