Thursday, January 04, 2007


As you know my grandmother Garnet died in November. We had another death in the family near Christmas in December, my sweet Aunt Mary Sue and now, yesterday my little grandma Garnet's brother, Garvin Williams has died. I'm afraid to look ahead to February! but as some wise souls have said, "wE Must LiVe in the PReseNT!" it seems all I get done is praying but that is time well spent! Right at this time, these January days I am praying For a dear friend who some of you may already know or have heard about in this internet Blogging world! Please visit her Blog and offer her some of your time. Her son Mark needs us! Thank YOU!!! xooooxoooxooooooooxoxooooooxoo, Cinda*** here is her Blog addy*** or go to Darlene's Blog by clicking onto Darling Darlene on my sidebar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your losses Cinda. It must be difficult for the family. I read Darlene's blog all the time and cry and hope with her. Sending good energy to both families.

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