Sunday, January 07, 2007


here WE are, a week has passed us by, our first week of the NEW YEAR of January. Notice the #7 on this collage! Yayyyyyyy! I collaged for a whole week! and then some! I'll be listing some things on Ebay later today*********************I am looking for the" GIFT of HEALING" this week for my dear friend Darlene, and her son, Mark! (Click onto Darling Darlene on my sidebar for their story of HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE) I have received the gift this week, my husband started with that dreadful flu or virus Wednesday night and today finally feels back to his old self, ALLELUIA! My son's fiancee's brother had it, and got dehydrated and had to be admitted to the hospital and have 2 bags of fluids, so if you do get this, try and drink water or something however hard that may seem to do inbetween all you do when you get this ugly sickness! Here is a link to LIGHT A CANDLE for Mark....I think it's a great little website************Love and prayers to YOU and YOURS and many Blessings to You, that's my WISH and gift for YOU today, SUNDAY, January 7, 2007!*******Light A Candle xoxoxox, Cinda ************************


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Hi Turquoise Cro! I'm sending you a mug from the Create a Connection swap. Need your address...

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