Tuesday, February 06, 2007


AhhhHHHH! i was busy today, I posted my SP early this morning at around 3AM sooooo I could be ready for my day of scrubbing and cleaning and then have some time for capturing some of those words I was talking about! I even called my 91 year old aunt Amy to seeeeeeeeeee how she was! She's doing just fine! Yes! I got all my house work done and inbetween scrubbing, of course I had laundry going! Sooooo YOU thought maybe that was some ART I did! LOL HA!!!! HA!!!! It was my UNEXPECTED SURPRISE!!!!inside the dryer!!! My son who works for UPS left his BROWN pen(it usually writes brown but look at that! it's BLUE like me when I saw it!!!!) in his pocket of his pants! BAD, BAD boy!!! O! yes! I always, always check their pockets, they are men, right?(sorry, I hope no men take offense) but today I was rushed, I wanted to paint, I wanted to write, I wanted to exercise!!!!! Yeah, rubbing and rubbing while crouched down with bended back(OUCH!!!) is an exercise! I wanted to scream but didn't! I just cleaned the MESS up! but wouldn't you know it? The only time I don't check the pockets, this happens! PHEW! well, anyway I did write some verse and I did create a piece of art, I'll be posting that tomorrow with one of my poems, I don't want to wear out anyone's eyeballs this late at night! and I've only done 45 jumping jacks!!! but HEY! that's a start! lol i'm hoping to do some more sit-ups and stuff! later
Here's 2 of my little poems or whatever ,writings
"Thinking of Alyssa"
Bless that little baby
Bless that little baby
Help her Heal
Let her have a happy childhood
full of puppy dog tail wags,
cotton candy, merry-go-rounds
chocolate cupcakes and pink tutus
Not just these needles, tubes, tears
pain and sorrow!
Bless the little babies
Bless all the little babies
Help them Heal
Bless Us all
Bless us all!
Help us heal
Cro ~~~*******~~~ ps. I remember one of my dreams this morning and it was of a sweet baby I had! Wowieeeeeee! Now, that would be something! at my age! Wink! and now DARLENE has asked for prayers for a sweet little baby on her Blog. His name is Joey! and he is SWEET! http://thewholeself.blogspot.com/
my other verse for today
Stella sits alone
a lot
Stella cries
and no-one calls
Stella used to laugh and dance
a lot
takes a lot
I'm thinking of YOU today
and wondering
how you are
and I don't call
Don't you do this, think of someone in your day and don't call them. Today, I thought of Aunt Amy and Stella. Aunt Amy answered but Stella didn't. Maybe tomorrow................xoxoxox Sweet Dreams!


Blogger BlueJude said...

Oh if it's any consolation, my daughter leaves stuff in her pockets all the time since she was small. I've had pens, cookies, candy and even rocks go thru the washer and dryer!! Whaddaya gonna do? Gotta laugh it off. Thanks for sharing your writing. Very cool.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Janet said...

I did think you had made some art when I saw the picture....and I guess you could call it that. Laundry art! It is so aggravating when that happens. My hubby does it every once in awhile.
I'm very bad about thinking of someone and then not calling. My intentions are great, my follow through is lousy!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

Lovely words Cinda!

3:12 PM  

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