Saturday, January 03, 2009


Thanks! Bob D.! A shingle patch blew off the roof the other night! It's been soOOOOOoo windy here! Has it been at your house?!! SoooOOOoo my cous came today and helped my husband get up on the roof to fix them back! Up on the roof in the sunshine, what a peaceful day here in WV!
Can YOU imagine bombs and grenades coming through your roof?!! Prayers for PEACE over there in the middle EAST and a safe place to run to! As the Drifters sing, everyone should have air fresh and sweet!
here's an oldie for YOU!!! I wish it had a better ending, I wanted to seeeeeeeeeeee all those birdies fly!!! tee hee didn't YOU??? LOVE and prayers to YOU, xoxooxox, Cinda
notice the lil heart that says "create" and the golden bird that is on her shoulder! Thanks! Zorana, she might have some more collage sheets for sale on etsy!


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh Love Her!!! Glad your roof got fixed. :)

7:28 PM  
Blogger zorana said...

Bombs falling around are scary, horrible and evil. There are never enough prayers for peace. Glad you're enjoying the collage sheets! Great page! xo

8:21 AM  

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