Sunday, July 12, 2009


How is EVERYONE today??!!! Thought I'd better pop online and update my Blog today! My hubby's work shut down for a week soOOOo we have been pretty busy! Gina left for home the last part of June and my Mario moved out the first of July soOOOOoo it's been an emotional time! The first 2 days, I was befuddled, didn't know in what direction to go first!!! Now, Mario's room is my organization room+ ironing board room!!! He's over visiting today and our vacation time is looming! I don't think it's wise to let everyone(who knows who reads this! you know?!!!)know exactly when our vacation is!
Rebecca inspires me all the time!! She does the beautifullest mosaics and is always writing wonderful words! This post of hers inspired me to make my lil cross! It's red on one side and purple on the other! I still don't know where I'm going to put it! The INBI on top means (Greek: Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews)
My Rose Of Sharon is blooming!! Is Yours?!! Here is a wonderful COOL dessert for those hot muggy summer days!
" Heavenly Ambrosia In A Cloud"
Tub of COOL Whip
2 cans of mandarin orange segments
1 can pineapple chunks
minature marshmallows (lots or your choice!)
Bakers Coconut (lots or your choice!)
MIX altogether and let get cold!! Very light and YUMMY!!
I'll be checking on your posts later on!!! Hope YOU make that ambrosia and enJOY this day!!! I've been thinking of YOU!!


Blogger Tess said...

Hi sweetie, I love that cross. You should blog about how you made it, unless of course you plan to make bunches of them and sell them on etsy. :)
My Rose of Sharon is blooming too. We have a bush of the same color. They may be cousin bushes Tee Hee! :-) I should take photos of my others as they are blooming too and different colors.
I must try the recipe, thanks. Have a grand week my dear! And enjoy your upcoming vacation. Best way to get over those empty nest blues - stay busy!!
Teresa aka Tess

1:53 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

i LOVE your cross!!! have been at the lake without phone and computer for nine glorious days. now i am catching up with my blogging world. before i read a single word i just marveled at your cross. what a surprise to then read your lovely words.
it is a gift we all share...inspiring each other..i am in constant awe!!!

8:03 AM  

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