Tuesday, June 16, 2009


my dear BUTCHIE is safe and sound!

I didn't ask this lil gal's mother before I posted her pic soOOOOOOOoo I didn't show a really close-up! She is a real live BABYDOLL though!!!

Uncle Porter going around greeting his guests!

I thought the amphitheater was going to be bigger! O well, it's nice!

WE have BEEN SOOOooooooOoooooOO BUSY!!!the week-end!!! Gina and I started out getting our pedicures and then we all went out for dinner Friday night! Saturday was a BIRTHDAY PARTY for a lil' sweet gal who turned 4!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY K!!! SUNDAY was a SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! for my uncle Porter who turned 80 FLAG DAY!! When we got home, we had too much EXCITEMENT! My neighbor's wolf dog got loose again and terrorized our neighborhood! I started calling neighbors who I knew had cats especially because this dog got loose last year and killed my across the street neighbor's cat! She has around 10 but a very few of them roam over here and I LOVE them! Babyface, Beige and Snickers! and of course there is Butchie!!! from up the road! I don't have their phone numbers but I have to get them in case this dog gets loose again. I HOPE they get rid of it though!!! BECAUSE when Gina and I was on the back porch, we heard a woman scream, OOOOOOOO, O NO!!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!! then a truck drove very fast up this way five minutes later and stopped to talk to the owner of the loose dog who was busy on the phone calling for help to look for his wolf dog!!! SHE asked, "Are YOU looking for your dog?!!!" He said yes, and then she said, "IT JUST KILLED MY CAT!" I thought O no!!! Was it Butchie or Babyface??!!! but it was another neighbor who I don't know very well because they brought the dead cat up to the wolf dog's owner just to show him what his nasty dog had done!!! She was crying, we felt sooOOo sorry for her!! and her sweet cat!! Drama, Drama up here on the hill!! I just HOPE they get rid of that wolf dog SOON!!! It needs to go somewhere where she is fenced in and can run, run, run!!! THEN Gina and I went to hear The Davisson Bros Band at our new Clarksburg Amphitheater! We saw some Davisson cousins there!!! It's always nice to get out and meet someone YOU know!!!We have been busy, busy, busy! How are your days going, going by too fast???!!!! I had Gina buy a badminton set today!!! woooooo hooooooo! I LOVE badminton and she bought a Bocce set which I might have to go get too!!! K-MART is having 20% off ALL SEASONAL LAWN GAMES!!! yEAH BOY!!! LET'S PLAY!!! although it just started raining again!!! *sigh* Happy Tuesday!


Blogger Wanda said...

Oh my dear cro..... What can I say... You keep my postman busy and I love it.

Going to the mailbox and finding another of you wonderful cards, filled with wonderful words, and now wonderful wild flower seeds.

I'm overwhelmed.... I so love the way you love me, and pray for me and share your beautiful friendship...

Who could ask for anything more.

Wanda MAE.... :)))))))))

7:02 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Hi Cinda,

I'm amazed at how you mix up such completely unrelated stories and make it all work so well. It's a gift, for sure.

I'm sorry to say it Cinda, knowing you are soft-hearted about animals but - that dog needs more than a large fenced in area. He has a taste for blood and a small child could easily find its way onto the menu. I would not hesitate to call animal control and file a complaint.

I'm glad to read though that Butchie is safe. So sorry about the other kitty.

10:36 PM  
Blogger LadyTulip said...

OH!! -- How horrid and sad that somebody has a dog that will kill a cat!! Yikes!! That dog may have more problems than we know!!

So sorry for all the DRAMA for you!! Here's hoping this weekend is Much more quiet for You!!


11:10 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Look at Uncle Porter, I love him and they don't make gentlemen like him any more.

Thank you for your prayer.

Love Renee xoxox

10:22 PM  

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