Sunday, February 26, 2006


T is for Tickle
tickle my funny bone(I have had lots of laughs and joy this week)
U is for Universe
maybe I'll meet you one day in this universe
R is for Rae or Ray
my middle name and I wish you a BRIGHT sun ray
Q is for Quickly or Quirky
whichever you like! LOL
U again??!!
ok, umbrellas, ukuleles, urns(for holding that yummy tea or coffee)
O is for Orgasm of course!
Or NOT! ****LOL
I is for Israel or Iran or from the Iroquois
where Turquoise is abundantly found!
S is for SONG, singing
songs and singing make the world go round a lot better!
E is for ETERNAL
Eternally yours, I hope, I hope I seeeeeeeeee you there! *********a turquoise poem by Cro
I have had a wonderful week of Blogging and I thank Misty once again for all her help and I LOVE it and am sooooooo glad to meet all of the people I have this week! You can seeeeeeeee out my window and I have a tale to tell about this window sooooooo keep clicking to my sight! I'm soooooooo GLAD to have you visit for a little while! There are a lot of INTERESTING PLACES to visit I have found! and
Remember the tea kettle*******it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!!!
Rejoice in the Lord always*******Rejoice! Philippians 4;4
i leave you with JOY and PEACE!!!


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