Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Both my boys are at the beach this week soooo thought I would FALL CLEAN their bedroom! (the first pic is of my nephew Joseph, my daughter Gina and son Mario, the second is Bina and Bino as they call themselves(my son Damon and Natalie) at the beach another year)Popped in a CD from Misty and I got Misty-eyed just when Black Tambourine was playing... I came onto a scrapbook Damon's girlfriend had made him last year when he turned the big 3 0!!! It was soooooooooo SWEET, I'll share a few pics, this young love story going on right before our eyes! AhhhhHHH, I AM rich! I LOVE my family sooooo much soooo I thought I would write some poetry too! lol
Don't let the devil
come into your heart
He's not playing level
Don't even give him a little part!

He'll try
to steal (your music, your peace, your harmony, your essence, your soul)
Your JOY, all your joy, by and by
You won't even FEEL

Save yourself today
Not another second or minute to that red demon ASS
Become a sun ray
Light up! Lighten up your soul and let him pass

There it is
a big old wooden table
full of grapes, pasta, wine, strawberries too!

There we are
sharing ourselves
sharing our family
sharing our LOVE

I seeeeeeee you there
I'm sooooo happy to
seeeeeeeee you there
Can you seeeeeee
at the old wooden table
with me!???
I'll be back later to post some more love story pics! Got to get busy, just took a break!!! lol


Blogger b/sistersshoes said...

Family Love....filled with His love...the best kind ever!

Your poem rocks!...just like you :)

xxx d

I did it hon...I cut off my hair!

8:16 PM  

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