Monday, August 14, 2006


Soooooo cheery, these drawings were such a surprise!!! tonight! Yes, my mail was delived at 9 0'clock tonight! Phew!!! whazzzzzzzzuuupppp with our mail, someone said we don't have enough mailmen right now! WELL anyway, just look at these SWEET drawings I got from Miss INDIA Mawn!!! Aren't I lucky? I like that turquoise face! lol Thank YOU India!!!so BRIGHT AND CHEERY! Art runs in the family, doesn't it Misty??? I'm going to have to hunt another frame! These have to go up SOON!!! i'm feeling much better! Thanks! for the sweet words and prayers! too!!! everyone! xoxoxoox sweet dreams zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ


Blogger belinha said...

You keep having mail all the time!I invy that!Nice children drwings.I can't wait my nephew starts to draw.For now (he is almost 4) he seems not to want or like it at alll...Have a nice Sunday!

4:05 AM  

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