Monday, January 12, 2009

~~~*I WANT****I WANT*~~~

On Misty's typepad yesterday and probably forthcoming today, SHE has EXCITING NEWS for us, the Misty Journaling Disciples.......Thank YOU!!! Misty for being here in the New Year for us, your guidance and direction is much appreciated by MOI!!! It's pushing me to journal, commit to something every day, discipline is sometimes needed...........anyway!!! the EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!! is Misty is giving away an original piece of Misty artwork + a CD to not one of us journalers who keep up for 7 days but 3 of us!!! WOOT!!!!! I don't know about YOU but Mondays are usually a lil' BLUE anyways, what a Beauty Full way to start out the week!!! Join us, YOU can read about this week's COLORS here.........
My collage says what we all are thinking,
I WANT.............I WANT.........WISH me luck on winning a Misty original+a CD!!! I LOVE Misty's art, SHE is my FAVORITE ARTIST!!! Phew! That feels good. I came out!!!! hehe How about YOU???!!!
i've been adding the songs I hum every day, my dad is a hummer and I am too, whatever song I hum first, I put it on here
Here is the song.......and it went perfectly with today's color, BLUE!!! YOU universe!!!SWEET DREAMS! xoxoxxoxoxooxooxox
and I had to add this song, BLUE by Joni Mitchell, one of my FAVORITE songsters, loved her back in the day and still LOVE to listen to her...........sail away, wouldn't YOU love to sail away one day.......


Blogger Tess said...

OIh Yes, Yes, YES, I want too. Love your blue page. Those eyes, such pow!
I'll be trying my best to play along too.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Mary Timme said...

Blue is one of my favorite colors. Heck they all really are, but blue is at the top of the list right along with green. I always think blue sky when I first hear blue and it isn't a Blues type message for me. Blessings,

1:12 PM  
OpenID blendedcolors said...

you collages are awsome.... i think you should win. but if you like me and don't like pink, then well we might have a problem. so your in WV? i love WV.. its beautiful there too... we went through some little coal mining town once, and it was like down in a valley, just gorgeous.

12:41 AM  

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