Monday, January 05, 2009


EVERYONE was gone today.....just me in the house all alone, my hubs, Jer had to go back to work today after a wonderful 2 week vacation from work!! I got busy and cleaned, cleaned and cleaned!!! Tomorrow, I have to take all these Christmas decorations down!
The one pic shows some of my toys! I got the "cLOTH*pAPER SCISSORS MAGAZINE RIGHT ON cHRISTMAS eVE!! I got the movie "Legends of the Fall" one of my FAV movies in my stocking and the Ashlee Simpson is just a cheap CD i picked up for myself while shopping after Christmas! I never opened them, saving them for my rainy day, a day I would need them more. With Gina gone and everyone today! I opened the CD and listened to it while I cleaned. LOOK at the one title on the magazine, "Journal Your Way To Success" Can't wait to read that!!! It goes well with what some of us have been doing, journaling! I'll open that soon! also the movie will have to wait a little longer!
Misty wants us to do self portraits this week! LOL I LOOK like a man but I thought Misty would get a kick out of this!!! I wore a hat like this on a post way back when,(FEB 4, 2007) it is my Grandpa's old hat, he is gone but his hat stays on my bedpost along with one of my grandma's hats! I stuck a black crow feather in my hat and gave Mrs. Misty Mawn an exotic head dress!!! (could be an umbrella even! LOL)Hope this brings a smile to your day!
the one saying on the drawing says"A friend may well be reckoned The Masterpiece of Nature" I got this saying out of a lil book , "A LITTLE BOOK OF FRIENDSHIP, From Betsey"from one of my childhood friends in 1975, 2 years after I got married! It is a SWEET book. It says Illustrator and fond grandmother Betsey Clark is a native of Amarillo, Texas.
who invented money????!!!!! anyway???!!! My old man hated to go back to work but Yes, he has a job!!!!!!We are thankful for that!!The song says a man like that is hard to find.........I found my man and I'm not letting him go! tee hee Really, they are never truly gone, always a treasure in my heart! I'm thinking of YOU!!!
sweet dreams, xoxooxooxoxooxoxoxo keep those prayers going for all those involved in the wars!!!


Blogger Tess said...

I love my Cloth Paper Scissors magazine also. I;'ve enjoyed your blogging. I should do more journaling. I like yours, much better than mear words on a page. Collage is my newest favorite thing I think. well maybe not, maybe ATC's are. hmmm. I think I will follow you if you don't mind.

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