Friday, October 06, 2006


ROMANCE is in the air or as that song goes, "LOVE is in the AIR"
My sweet friends in Blogland have inspired this post! and rainy collage, also this little scruffy scratched music box! I bought some vintage jewelry off of a lady in late summer before she went back to her winter home in Florida! I have yet to list anything on eBay yet! Still sorting and cleaning!
This jewelry box is among many I brought home that night! She kept us talking and talking into the night! She suggested I throw this little box away but I said "Nah, I'll keep it!" and it wasn't until a few days later I got around to cleaning it up and I just had this feeling it would bring me something special! It didn't disappoint! I opened it up without even winding it and it played "DR. Zhivago's theme song, "Somewhere My LOVE"***Lara's theme, the very song I listened to on a wintry beautiful day years ago on my wedding day morn! AhhHHHHHH! Dr. Zhivago is also my most Favorite movie, also some other movies I LOVE is "Flashdance", "Last of the Mohigans" "Legends of the Fall", "Yentl" Here's a little poem to go with this post
"O Little Music Box"
Wind it up!
It will play a pretty song
Ting O tinkle, ting a ling
Hum along
and wish
a wish of happiness
and love to YOU!
Wind it up again,
it's tune sings for YOU!
Ting O tinkle, ting a ling
by Cro
for all my sweet blogging friends! I LOVE to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee YOU all come visit me on my Blog! and I LOVE visiting YOU!!!Thank YOU!!!!!! xoxoxooo


Blogger Tammy said...

Awww the poem and collage madee me smile :) I love those movies too! Enjoy your weekend!

11:49 AM  
Blogger b/sistersshoes said...

I love old favorite thing is to turn old bedazzling earrings into small broaches and wear them in groups on jackets!

Ooooo cold weather time is near!

yeah!! love you a whole bunch!
xoxoxox dar

1:10 PM  

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