Monday, June 25, 2007

To WHET YOUR APPETITE, GO here!!! Sweeties

cawwwwwwwwwwwwwww cawwwwwww

i had to start a new post, i am sooOOOooo excited I was afraid I might hit the wrong button when posting!!! LOL
I know we have lots of readers in Blog land! soOOoo Hey! I just finished "THE ROAD" by Cormac McCarthy! I thought it was pretty good, i think the ending was kind of rushing to end tho! hmmmmm what did YOU think!!!

well, another SURPRISE!!! I went downstairs and here was this in a package that Damon must have gotten from our doorstep and didn't even tell me! The UPS must have brought him or Fed ex!!!??? I didn't even look! I kind of liked that though because it was a SURPRISE!!! I LOVE this though! Did anyone else go seeeeeeeeeeee Cartel when they were in a Bubble house in NYC??? Here is the website! I didn't have enough DR. PEPPER points for a CD sooOOOOoo I got this poster! COOL! anyway, it was very interesting seeeeeeeeeing these young lads on web cams in this Bubble and playing LIVE! I LOVED it, especially the drummer! His heart really gets into it! Such passion! Here it is, did anyone else spy??? lol ***


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