Monday, September 22, 2008


I TOOK a break from cleaning and was sitting out on my back porch rocking in the old rocking chair when all of a sudden FLUFFY appears!!! I thought she might have passed away! I hadn't seen her for such a long time!!! I don't know what her real name is but she LOVES a handout sooOOOOOooo I ran in and got a piece of bread and tossed it to her! She loves catching lil bits with her mouth! tee hee Such a JOY she is! I gave her some water and she looked around for more but then went back up the hill taking the deer path to home!
NOW, BUTCHIE IS ANOTHER STORY!! loL i JUST LOVE THIS CAT! i call him Kitty Boy and also Butchie! He is like those sour patch commercials, first they are sour, then they are sweet but he is the opposite!!! First he is SWEET then he is SOUR!!! He is sooOOOoo funny! He loves me to make over him at first then he says ME-OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and tries to bite and scratch! LOL Phew! He doesn't like his pic taken either at first, the next day he didn't seem to mind! When I turned my back on him, he ran and jumped on my dress and scratched my leg! I said, Now, Butchie that isn't nice!! YOU can't do that but then I realized my dress swished as I walked away from him and I never tie my ties in back soOOOOOOoo he was just doing what an ornery cat does!!! Isn't he cute???!!! My neighbor Violet thinks he belongs to our neighbors down the road. She says he beats her cats up!!! LOL Phew! He always has a rough patch on him somewhere! I wish the neighbors would give him some attention like worm meds!!! He is sooOOOOo skinny!!! I'm allergic to all animals and I pay when I pet Butchie with red swollen eyes and bumps on my arms but it is worth it!!! We don't have any animals but with the neighbor's animals visiting , it makes it NICE for me! I'm always going outside to seeeeeeeeeeee what animal is outside! I'll post some pics of a lil grey cat tomorrow and a pic of Babyface, the lil sweet cat that lays under a pine tree over here. He doesn't want me to come near enough for a pic but I'll try and get a beter pic!!! Until then, have a NICE MONDAY!!! I'm thinking of YOU!!!


Blogger Annie said...

What GRAND visitors you have, Cinda. Glad to see that Fluffy is alive and well. Poor skinny Butchie. Get some dewormer and add it to some food. Neigbor won't notice but you will love the improvement.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Naturegirl said...

LOVED seeing the attention that you give these visitors! Now that Butchie
certainly looks like my two fur babies!I agree with Annie's suggestion!
I've just returned from abroad
and was away from my girls for a month and with my first kitty smooch..I got a bite on the nose from one of my cats!That will teach me to leave her for so long!!
Oh well I still love them and photos of black cats!purzzzz NG

6:38 AM  
Blogger LadyTulip said...

>>> Aren't they nicee??!! <<<

We have kitties that visit.An'Sara will pitch a fit! But one black cat comes up to me an' ppuuuuurrsss like crazy!! He is just too sweet, like your little friend!!

I love kitties, but can't have 1 with miss Sara. At leastI can look at your little friends!!


10:26 AM  
Blogger Vedrana M. said...

cute :) wonderful photos, you have great visitors! beautiful, xoxo

4:34 AM  
Blogger BlueJude said...

Thinking of you too Cro! How cool that Fluffy came back! YAY
I'm sure he was happy to see you too! (:

7:39 AM  
Anonymous cliodhna said...

I had a cat like that once.. I learnt to appreciate him from a distance and savour the moments he would actually let me scratch under his chin. I got a puppy and the cat terrized him into submission (the dog still goes into submission mode around cats!) hiding behind doors, dropping on him from a height!
thank you for the sweet comment on my post!

1:06 PM  

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