Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Meet my MUSE for today,on a SNOWY, RAINY, ICY DAY!!! He didn't have any companions today! I think he is a young CROW, the way he looks. The other BIG CROWS didn't show up today sooOOOOOo he had FUN dining by himself! The deer came by later and finished up! I almost went out today to play in the snow!!! It was just right for making something!
My husband and son took off yesterday from work it was soOOOo bad. Today was a snow day for the kids! My road had one lane yesterday and today wasn't great but it was do-able...upon my hill!
I had to ACCEPT today what couldn't be any other way, also yesterday.
The weather conditions made it impossible to attend my uncle's funeral.My mom and dad were getting ready but my other uncle persuaded them NOT to try and go, the roads were icy today! They won't be taking my uncle to his final resting place til the weather breaks! There are too many hills here in West Virginia! I LOVE every ONE of them! hehe OH, the HILLs, OH, the HILLS, how majestic and how grand they are.....
So, which one do YOU like better, the Artpiece with the snow or the one without the snow! My MUSE, the young CROW made me color in SNOW! dOESN'T HE LOOK CUTE IN THE SNOW?!!! I kind of like the one in the snow better, that's good because I can't change it now!!! hehe
SOOOOOOOOoooOo NOT going to my Uncle's funeral tattered my wings but didn't break them! Uncle Rannie would smile at that......he would understand..............


Blogger Tess said...

The one with the snow. I like it best. The photo of the crow in the snow is a real treasure. Sorry about the bad weather, you are right, he would understand. I;'m sure he was visiting you all checking to see his family was safe. That's what angels do you know. I love the artwork you made.

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