Friday, February 13, 2009

```**``LOVE LETTERS FOUND```**``

A LOT has happened since my last post, "WRITE A LOVE LETTER"
The next day which was January 31, my dear mother-in-law passed away! We had finally gotten her to the hospital by trickery for tests that Friday, January 30. January 31 my husband Jerry was alone with her in the afternoon when she died. After a CODE RED OR BLUE or whatever, Mary lived!!!
That evening Jerry came home to get some rest and I decided to go back with him to the hospital. Mary LOOKED pretty good, she had just finished her supper and was eating some jello marshmellow, ice cream swirl concoction. Her daughter was soOOOOoo happy she ate a great supper after what an afternoon she had had!
All of a sudden around 7;30-8pm Mary started making tracks for home!!! She started pulling on her legs first which had cuffs that help circulate her legs, then the IV. Pretty soon the only hospital thing she had on was the heart monitors. She would not take NO for an answer, her 2 main doctors tryed to persuade her to stay in the hospital but it was plain to seeeeeeeeee after a while she was not going to get any rest until she was home. Meanwhile the doctors were signing paperwork, getting hospice notified for Monday.......we knew she was terminal.........we got her home, not 10 minutes had passed before she was gone! We were all shocked it happened soOOOOOOOOooo quick but Mary got her wish to die at home.
LOOKING for important papers the next 2 days we found the most precious gift, Mary's LOVE LETTERS from her husband, Dominick.
I got to hug and kiss my daughter Gina who flew into our little airport for the funeral. Thank God she had a safe flight to here and back to her home! I didn't have my camera for any of these times! I'll never forget though, the plane Gina was in going toward home turning around UP IN THE SKY going HIGHER and HIGHER til it waas just a little silver glint in the sky!!! I got to watch it a long time which was soOOOo surreal to me now!
Now, I know what NUMBSKULL means! This week one of my dear childhood friends came in with his wife, JoAnna for a day to spend with my husband and me while Jo went to training for all things, Home Health Care clear from Washington state to here in rural West Virginia!!!(He had to fly home the next day but Jo stayed til' today!)What a day we had!!! Clear up a holler on top of a hill in the foggy rain to a big log cabin we went! I got to pet a bear hide, it was soOOOOOo soft, poor bear but these fellows were Mike's cousins and they had pics of their hunting and Big Fishcapades!!! Mike took out some homegrown tobacco he had raised and they rolled some cigarettes and we laughed and shared stories while 2 young pups romped, chased and bit each other galore!!!I thought earlier I had better take an allergy pill because I just knew these lads out in the country would have some hounds!!! I forgot! After a good while thankfully, I started to sneeze and it was time to go!!! LOL O! I wish I wasn't allergic to animals!!! They are soOOOOOOOOOoo SWEET!!! Dogs were barking outside and kitties up in the rafters meowing to us goodbye! Phew! Later we went out to dinner to help celebrate Mike's wife, JoAnna's 50th BIRTHDAY!!! We all hadn't seen each other for 20 years!!
SooOOOOOoo, my emotions lately have been UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, SAD, HAPPY and sometimes just a NUMBskull!!!
I will catch up! My give-away from Jan 19th is over, my homemade crow is just flying to some other city in WV!!! YOU can't blame it for not wanting to stay close to home! LOOK at my pic of that crow flying!(Click on it and YOU will seeeeee his sweetheart maybe, LOL) My camera is soOOOOOo slow and old, I have to calculate when these fellows are going to FLY! I LOVE getting their wings flying!!!
I WILL get back to blogging soon, thanks Lisa for the Award, I will go seeeeeeeeee it later today and Annie, I'll get those postcards out next week, hopefully!!!!
EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! ENJOY THIS DAY THE LORD HAS MADE FOR US!!! LOVE AND PRAYERS TO YOU ALL!!! xoxoxoxooxxoxoXOXOXOXOOXOXXOXO, Cinda ps.HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow and have a blessed week-end, don't forget to pray for those who died and their family members in Buffalo, NY in that horrible plane accident and all others who need our prayers! xooxooxoxoxoxxooxxoox


Blogger Tess said...

I am so sorry to hear you have had to deal with another death in the family so soon after the last. I had wondered why you had been so silent and nw understand. Take care and know God will help you through this. MAny blessings, Tess

12:21 PM  
Blogger Bruno said...

great images!

6:58 AM  
Blogger Bruno Diel said...

great images!

7:01 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

Dear Cinda, I'm so sorry so much has come at you so fast. My heart is filled with joy though that Mary got her wish and passed away at home. My father got that wish. It is one of the great sadnesses of my life that my mother did not. I'll post a prayer for Mary on my sidebar after I post this. Love, Annie

10:08 AM  
Blogger Vedrana M. said...

beautiful first photo..i hope you're feeling better, hugs & happy valentine's day, xxx

10:52 AM  
Blogger Wanda said...

My dear Cinda ~~ My heart breaks with you over the loss of you dear mother in law, but rejoice with you over the love letters. We have my mother's and it was such a source of healing for my sister and I do read them and laugh and cry and see a side of my mother foreign to us... Wonderful.

Love and Hugs dear one, you are in my prayers. I have shared a health issue on my blog...please say a prayer for me too.
Love and Hugs

7:00 PM  

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