Tuesday, August 11, 2009

for fear of being left behind

we once were soOOOoOo CLOSE (to him, GOD)

what can I do to be prepared, to be included this last time

pray, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!!!!

touching a star and holding a dear friend, this will be possible?

do YOU believe in the RAPTURE and JESUS COMING

all I know is, I NEED to pray, PRAY,Pray, read the Bible for more guidance! Give GOD more time in my life!
I made these 3 collages on Sunday evening and didn't really like them that much, maybe because I made the faces?!! Maybe because they came out soOOOo different than my usual?!!! I don't know exactly but now I accept them and maybe they are telling a story. As they say, ONLY GOD KNOWS! What story do YOU get out of them?!! Do they make any sense to YOU?!!
I do know I feel sorry for this old world. All the senseless killings, the tragic accidents, the violence, the hunger,the sickness, the pain, the suffering, the unkindness, the helplessness, the list goes on and on! I wish we could help everyone, change hearts! Everyone in this world does not want to be helped or see the light, the light of the LORD! I think we all should pray more. I'm the first to tell YOU, I am not perfect! Hug each other more, be kinder. Try that other one's shoe on!
add another regret to my list. I missed Woodstock by a couple months, all that music!!! is one of my Big regrets and another is not going up to this gal to meet her! She was trying to be NOT Noticed though and I respected that soOOOo maybe another time?! It was on a Friday night this July and her fiancee', Chris Janson and his band played with the Davisson Brother's Band! That Chris can sing, very talented!!! Here is Holly Williams, Hank Williams Jr.'s daughter singing a pretty song and singing, wishing she was an angel saving her grandpa, Hank Williams.


Blogger Tess said...

SDweetie, Those collages are amazing. I loved each one of them. Reaching for the stars are reaching for your Lord and Savior? I think it's one in the same. YOu are correct, we must all pray, each day, every day. Your collages are another form of prayer. Well done!!

1:15 PM  
Blogger venus said...

Hi! Thought I would check-in! on the blog! Wanted to read fellow homeowner stories, but--OH MY LORD. This post made me incredibly nauseated...

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11:51 PM  

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