Sunday, October 10, 2010

**~10-10-10, a SWEET Park Walk~**

Gina is going to be soOOOOo mad because I posted this pic!!! LOL I don't care, I LOVE it!!! She is getting FIT as a fiddle and is an INSPIRATION to me to get off the couch!! Here we are at the Park again on 10-10-10
I ran out of energy going around once(only 1, 1/2mi) sooOOOOo she ran around a second time while I fell in love! See the only black duck in the park! Of course I named him Daffy but he should have a more handsome name!!! Can YOU think of a good name for him?!! hehe

isn't this picture SERENE???!! I LOVED spending time with the ducks and swans!

this is where my dad lives now and I can't see in but I know they can see out soOOOOo I wave and blow kisses as I go by! As I ride home I can see this home again and it is soOOOOo sad but my dad seems happy here.

how was your 10-10-10???????!!! Serene and peaceful I hope and pray! LOVE and Prayers, xoxoxxooxXOXOXOOXOXOXOXXOO,cINDA


Blogger rebecca said...

dear one,
your daughter is lovely...and there you are beaming! ah! i think you look radiant!!

love your swans beautiful photograph.

sadly the response to the rugs...just the two of you!
so sad. i had hopes that many would just send $5, what a hardworking person in mexico can expect to earn in ONE DAY!
i know times a difficult everywhere...
i do not see boundaries or boarders when it comes to helping others. i help everywhere i can, day by day.

you are a constant inspiration!


7:19 AM  

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