Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sunday leaves me trying to decide whether to have a Colonoscopy or NOT!! I think I am leaning toward the NOT! at this time! It's been not even a year(Almost, February 23, 2010) when I last was in an operating room for Breast cancer, removing my cancerous lump! Give me a break! I don't have any problems down there soOOOo why the rush?! My regular Dr. has been trying to talk me into this procedure for years! It may be the timing(afraid of Ghosts Past) or I see no reason for it!+ just one horrifying tale of someone I knew, a NICK in the BOWEL that had to be operated on in Cleveland Clinic soOOOo I'm just not feeling this exploration journey my doctor feels I should go on! What do YOU think! Has anyone had this procedure? My mom has and my girlfriend have, with NO problems soOOOOo why don't I just go for it?!
Cawwwwww CAWWWWW! Can YOU spot me on the mixed media painting?!!

                  Using 2 pics of mine I cut up and used it on this mixed media gal (is it art imitates life or vice versa, I think my gal must have swelling in her right arm too! sigh)who is CELEBRATING being alive and celebrating Sunrises, sunsets,birds,friends, family,sweet animals,LOVE,Hot Tamales,peach cobblers, Hershey chocolate bars with almonds, ice cream, potato chips(my weakness!) and trees!!! SoOOooo I'm happy just to be alive on this gorgeous snowy white Sunday! and just yesterday my daughter and I watched deer have some reindeer games!! Here they came, a bunch of them, running fast off of our hill although I was looking for something chasing them but here they came back running, running soOOOOOo fast,jumping and their white tails in the wind!!! They then began to keep running around our yard and my neighbor's just running,running back up the deer track, up the hill then running back soOOOOo fast, making a circle!!! Phew! WISH I had my video camera!! Not wanting to intrude on their running and playing I never ventured outside to capture a picture with my camera! Thank God I have a memory! I can see them anytime I want!! What a grand SHOW!!!
      Please join us at Rebecca's!!!


Blogger Spadoman said...

Funny you mention the procedure. My doctor has wanted me to get one for over 10 years. I always refused. About a month or so ago, I agreed, then cancelled the appointment. The VA made another appointment, but now I am out of town for a while. I have to call tomorrow morning and cancel again.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it is good enough for me.
They say it is to head off anything that might be wrong down there before it's too late. I've had 6 heart attacks, 2 bypass surgeries, I've lost a daughter in a car accident almost 20 years ago and I'm still trying to heal from the scars of war. What can happen that can hurt me more than that?
What a wonderful memory, seeing those deer play and romp around. Good thoughts sent your way.


5:11 PM  
Blogger Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I'm not sure I would be saying yes to a colonoscopy either since the breast cancer experience is still so near. And yet, I know that the docs are thinking of your best interests. I have one every three years and though the prep is yukky, the procedure itself is a piece of cake. Like you, however, I always worry what I'll do if they find something. Will we have the courage to step back into the abyss? Thinking of you. How old are you? Over 50 they do recommend this procedure every five years I think.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Paula Scott said...

Yes, you should do the colonoscopy. It is not a big deal and the worst part (if you can call it that) is the getting ready for it (cleaning yourself out so to speak). but you are a high risk, so you should do it because if there are polyps, you can catch something earlier enough to have a good prognosis.
Find a doc that has a good reputation by talking to those that rave about their GI doc.
It is a cake walk next to what you've been through.
I'm 56. I've had two done and they both went without any event.

10:41 PM  
Blogger miss*R said...

my Dr wanted me to have one too.. but I cancelled. I don't have any issues at the moment.. no family history either.. so leave well enough alone i say.

11:25 PM  
Blogger foxysue said...

Capturing such beauty on your internal video mind is such a wondrous thing.

Hope you come to rest with your decision over the test, I had one under general anaesthetic and remember coming round feeling wonderful, I think that was the drugs though!

Love Sue x

2:09 AM  
Blogger rebecca said...

i was so sure i left you love note here last sunday...but it is no where to be seen. so sorry my friend. it has been a difficult week for me physically and i have not been on the computer very much.
i remember your post and glorious painting very well.
loving you, even when i am a away!

11:13 AM  

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