Sunday, September 10, 2006


The first photo is me, happy go lucky getting ready to cruise the internet, especially the BLOG lands. Then, to my heartbreak and utter dismay, I seeeeeeeeeeeeee i've been removed from someone's sidebar!!!!! (not happy like a saladbar) The second photo shows me thinking, "What have I done or not done NOW????!!!!! if I ever don't add your Blog's name and YOU have mine, it's not that I don't like YOU!!! I probably haven't even noticed! AND I just don't know how to add these things very well, it doesn't look like I have much room on there to me in that template area but I can seeeeeeee some people have lots and lots of names on their sidebars soooooo I'm just not getting it!! lol Another thing I haven't learned is how to link in a post their name so you can go to them! I do put their whole url sometimes sooooo you can go to their whatever... someone said these blogs reminded him of cliques like in high school! Oh well, the world isn't perfect but please don't be offended if I don't comment one day.... and I don't usually notice my name on a sidebar, it always surprises me when it's there! and I don't get mad when I'm not there! Some Blogs don't have anyone's names there, I kind of like that too! Isn't it funny how we all operate??? lol But I did Notice this week I was removed from 2 Blogs and that is kind of, hurtful and baffleling but hey! it's their Blog and their life! Yeah! I've since been added back on to one Blog! I cryed like Waaaaaaaaaa! (I told you all i was going thru my second childhood!) What don't you like about Blogging and have YOU ever noticed your name being removed? My first reaction was to immediately remove theirs(that was the first one I noticed) but when it happened again I imagined everyone had it out for me! Phew! ps. don't add me to your Blog!!! LOL pss. sweet dreams


Blogger yioeng said...

hi... thanx for the comment u've left about my poem. it's always pleasing to hear that someone likes what u wrote. Greece is indeed an ideal destination and by the way i know what u mean about links.they'
re just so tough...good luck with ur blue poem, cause sometimes its such a liberating process

7:36 AM  
Blogger zorana said...

You look so cute today! Don't feel bad... who knows what happened. I accidentally deleted some people from my link list (!!!NOT YOU!!!) when I was adding new links. As soon as I noticed that I corrected it... EVERYONE loves you... and I appreciate your comments. They make me smile every time. xoxoxoxo

9:37 PM  
Blogger Colorsonmymind said...

Oh baby doll!

I rarely have the chance to look at sidebars. Once I got a little bent about where I was in someones and after that I decided to just not think or look at them. Once in a while I do-but I want to spare myself the tears and probable worry that would go along with it.

I am in the midst of worrying that someone I thought I had a connection with no longer comments on my blog-or hasdn't in a long while. That hurts.

Anyway. That forst photo of you is so pretty.

The end of this post made me smile

Hugs and kisses

oh and I always smile when I read the comments you leave me:)

8:52 PM  

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