Monday, August 06, 2007


i went to the Blackberry Festival to seeeeeeeeeee my cousins, The Davisson Brothers play last Thursday and they had a pet show before them! It was sooOooooOOO HOT and MUGGY! Look how miserable that little pooch looks and LOOK at that BIG one! He was soOooo BIG!!! Isn't he cute??? Sorry I didn't get his face, the owners were kind of looking not so fondly of me taking pics, like I said we were all sweating and HOT!!! Phew! Don't forget! It's TIME TO LAUGH!!! xoxooxooxo


Blogger zorana said...

So nice seeing your collage again! Doesn't it feel good to laugh? That cute little pink dressed dog made me laugh :-)

7:48 PM  

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