Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Now, I can say I made the cover of Harper's BAZAAR!!!! I told YOU I was going to use some photos of myself in collages!! tee hee Try it, it's FUN!!!
well, if YOU get that little paper "PARADE" in with your Sunday paper YOU already know the news!!! NOW, they have found LEAD IN LIPSTICK!!!!! tO LEARN some more about it go to The bigger companies don't seem to "Give a Damn"(excuse me but Clark Gable used this when he wanted to get your attention soOOOoo I thought I'd try it too!) What's next????? SOAP??? Shoes????!!! underwear????!!! They'd better start testing everything!!! My kids are all grown but if YOU have smaller children, what are YOU supposed to buy them???!!!and what if YOU already bought the toys that have been recalled? Do YOU get re-inbursed??? I know toys are expensive!!! I KNOW YOU have to throw the toy out or take it back but $$$$$$ don't grow on trees! I guess I'd better be practicing making more things because that's what it might come to! I remember my youngest son's birthday. We waited around til the last minute to buy things for his birthday and the day before and his birthday, we were snowed in!!!! I had to make all the decorations, him a pillow and a stuffed ball!!! Phew! Was he ever disappointed at even a year old!!! LOL
well, I've ranted enough, I hOPe YOU got a chuckle here and what are we supposed to do for lipstick, use berries??? Let me know what YOU think!!! I LOVE lipstick too!!!!That's why I am pouting in my Bazaar!!! tee hee! xoxoxooxosweet dreams


Blogger Mary Timme said...

Ah, but who is to say that the things we make are lead tainted too?! If so much painted materials are full of lead, should we be watching where our paints come from. It is so much more than toys and don't even get me started on water! You don't want to hear me on water and air!

7:22 AM  
Blogger Janet said...

Yikes! I'm beginning to think breathing may be hazardous to my health! So many things....where does it all end? I'm so thankful all my kids are grown because I'd be pulling out my hair over all these recalls. Now lipstick!! I only wear it accasionally but's worrisome now. But I guess at my age if it hasn't killed me, it probably won't!!

8:05 AM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Well excuse me...I cannot live without lipstick! I put in on when I go to bed, I put it on when I get up, I put it on in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, car, public restrooms, church! OK If I'm gonna die of lead poisen in my lipstick...then baby I'm gonna die with pretty Revlon "Apple Polish" lipstick on my lips! And that all I've got to say about that. Gotta go put some lipstick on.

BTW You are some Cover Girl!!! :)

7:20 PM  
Blogger judie said...

LOL that's too kewl, Cinda. I've never aspired to be on a magazine cover, but who knows, I might like it!!

5:58 AM  
Blogger Pam Aries said...

Use Burt's Bees lipstick!! ha ha! Love your photo! hee hee Thank you Cindra..for your sweet comment on my post! I am a mess! It'll all work out though!

6:41 AM  
Blogger Vedrana M. said...

you're on the cover, how cool :)) love it! hm, i hope they'll use more natural things in cosmetics - it can be done, some brands prove it! xoxo

1:55 AM  

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