Friday, February 22, 2008

~~~***JOY TO THE WORLD!!!***~~~

HAPPY WEEK-END!!! I want to spread some JOY to last YOU for the week-end!!! teeeee heee!
THIS STORY and the others will WARM YOUR HEART!!! in honor of all the animals in the world and my most favorite dog that I ever owned, Loosey(Lucy) Loose, a black Irish Setter that used to follow me everywhere and I still cry thinking about him! He was my hill buddy, my laying down on the grass looking up to the sky buddy, my everything sweet dog!!!and I have to mention Kitty Pearl, my favorite siamese cat too! What a cat! You know what I mean!!! Don't YOU just LOVE animals!!!! I grew up with tons of them and now am allergic to all of them but I still LOVE them! These stories of Nubs, Lizzie,Nicolasa,Gracie Mae, Zoey, Lucky, Flo, Bella, Maddie, Oscar,Lurch(I think 20 times is enough already, don't YOU?!!!) and Boris will make you chuckle and maybe cry too!***
I am DREAMING of this*********SAW :: Squam Arts Workshops
Does anyone live near West Virginia and want to drive and pick me up??? I'll help with gas!!!!! tee hee Also, do YOU have any ideas how I can make some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to go????!!!!! O! to dream!!! Here is a poem I wrote thinking
Dreaming of Squam Lake
by the bonfire
O! for goodness sake!
Wake me up! I must be dreaming, oh I soOOOOoo admire
all these sweet artists in one place
O! Look at that Lake!!!
LOOK at my smiling happy face!
O! for goodness sake!
I hope this post spread some JOY!!! The sun is NOT shining today in West Virginia! It is BRRRRRRRRRRR cold and rainy but it made me happy to visit Misty's Blog and read about Squam Lake and then I read about all those SWEET ANIMALS!!!
HAPPY WEEK-END SWEETIES!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! HERE IS OUR SONG FOR THE WEEK-END!******* luckily I had an old painting to go along with it!!! tee hee and Gracebeading! YOU won the drawing for a Cro Bluejean bracelet!!!


Blogger Janet said...

You are definitely in a good mood!! Spreading a little joy to the world....I wish I lived closer and we could share the trip to SAW. That would be awesome....but I'm way out her in California. :-(

4:21 PM  
Blogger BlueJude said...

LOVE Animals! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the apinting! AND if you figure out how to make any extra $$$$...please share your secret! Happy weekend Cro!

8:21 AM  
Blogger Vedrana M. said...

yes, animals are great :D hugs & kisses

3:23 AM  

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