Wednesday, May 14, 2008


With the wedding fastly approaching YOU tend to think about it all in your mind before hand, all the smiling faces!!! I was swinging outside on my back porch swing and looked up to my freshly painted old time metal lawn chairs. They brought to mind people who aren't here to sit in them anymore!and who won't be at my children's first wedding. I am very, very lucky to have known 8 grandparents! My dad's grandfather's Alec and Levi, one of his grandmother's Bertie(Alberta), my mom's grandfather(who I can't remember his name (John?!)at this time but he loved traveling and fishing!) and my dad's mother, Garnet who lived the longest and was my last living grandparent, her second husband, George (dad's dad, Harold Jennings(writer, I have some of his poems) died on his birthday when he was 9)and my mother's dad, Paul and her mom, Virgie(Virginia) We sure had some SWEET times! Levi who we called Grandpa Babe played the fiddle just like dad! Grandma Bertie was a wonderful cook! She'd make her own bread too! MMMMMMM Her husband Alec ruled the roost and what he said goes. He always wore suspenders and I remember him spitting in one of those gold spittoons! ick!Grandpa Paul loved sports and Lawrence Welk and RC cola, his wife Virgie loved to work in the kitchen inventing new recipes that usually ended in a cheesy mess! Ha! I remember her in Florida and we were at some kind of theme park and she had just got off a ride, and she had grease from the ride all over her and do YOU believe one of the talking parrots called her "Tar Baby" LOL Grandma Garnet was a dancer and Grandpa George was always giving me coins! Do YOU have meloncholy days where you remember all the sweet times and good ole days? BUT as I always say, "These are the days that will be the good ole days soOOOO live it up!!!
***GREAT NEWS!!!!*** my brother and sister-in-law are going to get to come!!!to the wedding!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I am soOOOO EXCITED! !!My childhood friend and her mom are flying in too next week from Washington!!! SOOOOO this Mountain Mama is happy!!! teeeee heeee
come on now, let's SING!!!


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