Wednesday, October 01, 2008


here's those other SWEET cats I meant to post the other day! The first one is a stray or someone's cat that visits every once and a while? He is Grey with white socks! Isn't he cute? The orange tailed one is the one I call BabyFace! I seeeeeeeee him every day. He lays out under our pine tree and likes to hunt on our hill. The cat in the window looks down on BabyFace under the pine tree. He NEVER gets to go outside. He was such a rambunctious kitty and we live soOOOOOo close to the road, my neighbors were afraid to let him out at all soOOOOoo I seeeeee him up there on the window sill envying BabyFace! The last one is of course that bad boy, Butchie! The last time I got close to him he was really nice but the time before that he had a mean fit and scratched my little toe! OUCH!!! MEAN BUTCHIE!!! Scattttttt!! Yesterday, I just took a pic of him because I wasn't in the mood for his moodiness!!!
the day before, Monday I bought some Beauty Full pansies! 2 containers, one reminded me of my dear Grandma Garnet! Well, yesterday, I LOOKED out the window and I couldn't believe my eyes! My Garnet Pansies were GONE!!! I hurried downstairs and out the door to get a better LOOK and something had bit the tops off all those Grandma Garnet Pansies!!! My girlfriend thinks they might come back soOOOOOOOo I planted them anyway, we'll seeeeeeeee!!! I think it was my gluttony groundhog!
As I was busy cleaning yesterday, I LOOKED out my big picture window again and eeeeEEEEEEkkkKKK! I couldn't believe my eyes again! There was my SWEET visitor FLUFFY, the dog digging and scratching and biting her way into my garbage bags!!! I chased her off and had to bag just one bag over thank goodness!!! What a mess! and there were some men near our hill cutting and trimming trees, they probably thought, what's her problem banging the doors? I squinted up at them and HOPED they were'nt cutting down our trees for lumber or firewood!!! YOU just never know!
The rest of the day went pretty smooth! I'm just GLAD to be alive! I LOVE to take it easy and become a couch potatoe at the end of the day around 7pm I watch Jeopardy and then I come back around 8 to catch a show! I LOVE "Dancing With The STARS"!!! WARREN SAPP and his partner, KIM really ROCKED it!!! It was soOOOOOOo GREAT! It was a Matrix DELIGHT! I also LOVE "The Amazing Race" , "Survivor" I catch "America's Top Model sometimes and flip to seeeeee "The Biggest Loser" and "Project Runway" I like to catch the NEWS channels too and catch Glenn Beck here and there. I usually catch 'The HILLs" and Exile" What's your FAV shows???
PS. Doesn't BUTCHIE look like a Halloween cat???!!! I'll have to try and get him posed for some kind of Halloween pic! I'll probably be scratched and bit!!!but it would be worth it, he's soOOOOOo cute! tee hee


Blogger Annie said...

I'm loving Brooke Burk and Warren Sapp. Cloris is a hoot but it times for her to go. Glad that Kim is gone. That girl is all package and no passion.

Grey kitty is a sweetie. I don't believe I've ever seen a cat ending in a orange tail. Interesting. Hey Butchie. BOO!!

9:13 AM  
Blogger suze said...

Sweet kitties!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Tammy said...

Awwww! My ortho said he disagrees with other x-ray. NOT BROKEN! Yay

Thanks for your love and support!

2:12 PM  
Blogger tascha said...

Awww that little white and orange kitty looks just like Opie <3

9:36 PM  

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