Thursday, October 18, 2007


lOOKS LIKE A BOMB JUST WENT OFF! It sounded like it! As Jerry and I was leaving town yesterday we heard this big noise, click, click,CLICK, CLICK!!!! Then POW!!! and then all this dust like smoke!!! I don't even KNOW WHY they had traffic going right past this!!! We were all lucky+the workers no-one was hurt! Demolition workers are tearing down several buildings in my ugly town!!! The paper said a piece of steel fell, hit the floor and blew out a portion of the wall facing an adjacent building on Third Street damaging a store beside this building, old CITY HALL! Phew! They are just soOOOOOoo lucky no-one was even killed! As Jerry and I left, we passed a fire engine that they said hosed down everything! We should have stayed to watch but who knows what kind of materials were in that old building, probably abestos!!! I HOPE they can get some kind of shops or something back in our town! It's one of those ghost towns all across America! BOO!


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