Tuesday, October 30, 2007


nO! NO! don't call a doctor!!! I had some money scraps left over from that other dollar I made my baby with!!! hehe This one I should title, "Hettie thought she planted roses but she couldn't complain!" WowieEEE, who wouldn't LOVE a money tree???!!! I was working on some little books for my Etsy store but then those money scraps was HOLLERING my name!!! Have YOU ever been like that, just tired but something won't let yOU rest???!!! I was up til' 4 am!!! I don't know where to try and sell this, eBay or etsy???and should I add that saying to the canvas??? or just leave it alone and just put that title on the back??? What do YOU think??!!! How much for??? More than a dollar!!! hehe HAPPY TUESDAY!!! and if YOU make any art money or I think mine is money art, let me know!!! xoxooxooox


Blogger Wanda said...

I know nothing about selling anything on ebay or anywhere else...but....love her "money" skirt and hat....She's a doll and I hope you get your money's worth plus a lot more!!

5:19 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

I don't know anything about selling on those sites but I'm sure she would go in a flash! She is so cute standing there in her money skirt. I'd say she's worth a "pretty penny!"

7:55 AM  

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