Saturday, November 22, 2008

~~~*~IT'S BEEN A WHILE~*~~~

I've been under the weather a while now, ever since my doc put me on a beta blocker to go along with my high blood pressure pill and it was a DOOOOOOZZZYYY! The beta blocker changed the chemistry of my brain and led me into the darkness of depression! UG! I still have some left I think, but not as bad as it had been as I quit taking this certain beta blocker on Halloween! Boo! That's where I have been, a place where everyone finds theirselves once and a while! I hope and pray I can get out from under it's dark clouds soon! When I was going through this, I did normal things like the laundry, cook dinners, it seemed to get better after I climbed out of bed. Climbing out of bed was such a struggle though and still seems to be. I am better and I am sorry I didn't feel like emailing or blogging and I won't be as much for a while. I wanted to rear my head though and let you know I was thinking about all of YOU!!! praying for all of YOU!!! The most uplifting moments of my dark days was when I opened the door and went in the comfort of the outdoors!!!The fresh air would seem to evelope me in comfort!
as soon as I open the door
I know soon
will be a delight
I can breathe better
and a little sparrow
has come to see me
do sparrows build nests
at wintertime?!
He or she seems to be looking
looking, searching for something
on my porch
Thank YOU little sparrow
for coming to see me
I wish YOU could tell me
what you are looking for
YOU know how much
I want to FLY
Hope to see YOU
again soon
Thank YOU little sparrow
for coming to see me
cro (why did you poop on my flip flop???!!)LOL
I'm going on another beta blocker soon and the main side effect is a dry hacky cough which the dr. knows I will not tolerate that either! It says it could cause dizzyness, nausea and fainting too! I feel sooooooOOOOOOOOoo sorry for all the people who are sicker than me!! When YOU have your health, YOU have EVERYTHING!!! I need to lose weight for my overall getting better, more exercise and walks outside!!! Maybe I will seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee YOU!!! HOPE YOU all are well!!! LOVE and Prayers, Cinda ps.Sweet Dreams!!! oxoxoxoxoxoox