Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Isn't that BLUEBIRD sweet???!!!! It flew right out of the box it came in today and flew right to 2 of my crow's beaks!!!! Tee Hee! The Bluebird came from this sweet gal's Etsy shop! My little red skirted crow is leaving me soon! She was on Etsy but she has 2 other sisters in case YOU want to check them out and there is a new Bluejean Baby too! Here is Vanessa's shop********* Etsy :: A Fanciful Twist
YOU can go to mine Etsy :: CRO STUFFhere ******
Thanks! Wanda!!! I'm adding this CROW link tonight which is Thursday! I LOVED this, especially when they wrestled each other!!! This will make YOU chuckle!!! tee hee*********sooOOOOoOOOoO SWEET!

Monday, November 26, 2007

~~**ISN'T SHE LOVELY?!!!**~~

i AM A LUCKY gal already!!! I got this in the mail today from my SWEET friend Judie!!! THANK YOU!!! I still just LOVE dolls! This is a GOOD LUCK doll!!! Isn't SHE Beauty Full?!!! I LOVE her rose petaled skirt!!! She is soOOOOOOooo festive looking! How about that cool drawing of the Turquois Cro too??? hehe and on the back it said, "Birthdays are FUN Days, even if they are late and she drew some balloons and a sweet rose!!! THANK YOU!!!Judie!!! Blogging sure does have some perks, doesn't it?!! Everyone have a sweet, blessed Monday!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

***ZAZZLE ME!!!***

hURRY!!! If YOU *** H U R R Y **** YOU can create and order some stamps that YOU can use on your letters in the mail!!! I ordered some pics from Winkflash and I'm adding myself in more collages!!! hehe I think I want to be REMEMBERED!!! Here's one of my stamps! I just ordered the close-up! Here is the website but YOU have to hurry, the sale ends today, what time I don't, I just opened their email today myself!!! Phew!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~~~*******BLESSED THANKSGIVING*******~~~

iN West Virginia it is 12:11, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day but in Blogger time this will post as Wednesday. O well, I want to WISH EVERYONE A BLESSED THANKSGIVING!!! i know it won't be AS happy for everyone but it can be a very Blessed Day for YOU all! That's what I wish for YOU! A blessed Thanksgiving Day!!! and SWEET DREAMS xoxoxooxooxoxoxoo

Sunday, November 18, 2007


AS YOU can seeeeeeeee I've been busy this week-end!!! hehe They all are on Ebay except the one crow in the white doily!!! Maybe she will go to eBay too, maybe etsy!!! and that snowman is supposed to be prim but maybe he isn't dirty looking or old looking enough!(he's not in this pic as you can seeeeee, he's too tall soooooo I didn't fool with him tonight! YOU can check him out on my link to eBay) Phew! I did list a Prim on my etsy! too I did last year! Check it out!!! hehe i just LOVE crows!!!CAWWWWWW CAWWWWWWW!!! HERE'S THE LINK TO MY EBAY CRO STUFF!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

~~~***FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!***~~~

I declare TODAY as CRO FRIENDSHIP DAY!!! i LOVE getting mail and LOOK!!! what I got today!!! A BEAUTY FULL necklace, some SWEET drawings(I love the gal's sweet heart turquoise blouse!hehe) made especially for me!!!by the SWEET ,and talented Vedrana from Zagreb, Croatia WOOT! and a Teddy Bear card from my other sweetie, Gina! I'm sOOOOOooOOOOOO GLAD I started Blogging! or I wouldn't be wearing this beauty full necklace!!! I LOVE everything Vedrana, the letter is soOOOOoOOOO sweet and beauty full just like YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! from the deepest of my heart!!! Gina is coming home for Thanksgiving and she is one my best friends!!!too! We get along soOOOoooo, everytime we get together laughter comes soOOooo easily!!!
Hey! Annie! She tagged me, wanting to know about my Blogging name, "Turquoise CRO Thyme" soOOOOoooO scroll clear to the bottom of February, 2006 til YOU get to Feb. 19 and I explain everything!!!! I'll tag Vedrana!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL sOOOOO XOXOXOOOXOXOXOXO'S!!! and HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!!Turquoise CRO ps. I truly LOVE this necklace, it suits me to a T!!! hehe I LOVE TREES!!!!!!!!!!!and the color of the beads is soOOOOOOO pretty!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! VEDRANA!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


MY BIRTHDAY was yesterday, the 11th! I usually seeeeeeeeeee a parade on my birthday but not this year because it was on Sunday although they did have one 30 miles away and one Saturday 5 minutes from here! O well, I slept in! My son, Damon and fiancee' Natalie came over and we had coffee and cake! Yummy! I LOVE birthday cake's taste!!! I wanted a white cake with white icing but the bakery gave me a yellow cake with white icing!!! O well, it was delicious!!! This is the first year my daughter Gina has missed my birthday but she lives away now! I'll be seeeeeeeeeeeeing her soon on Thanksgiving!!! Yayyyy! So it was just my hubby, my two sons, Damon and Mario and Natalie! My mom and dad couldn't make it either but I got some nice gifts(smelly yummy lotions,lip balms ect) and $$$$$$$$$$$$ which always comes in handy!!! Can YOU tell what I got from Damon and Natalie??!! Besides the necklace and bracelet set YOU seeeeeee in my Cro cartoon birthday pics, it's a tray set!!! Yayyyyyyyyy! I'll be watching tv and eating something yummy on these!!! I know of Zorana, Annie and Rebecca having a Birthday in November!!! Is YOURS????!!! Let me know! HAPPY BIRTHDAY November Babes!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! TO all YOU wonderful other month's Babes!!!and HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!!! Remember all the military guys and dolls in our prayers!xoxoxoxooxooxoxxoo,Cinda

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'll soon have some prints of this in my etsy shop!!! xoooxooxoxoxoxo

Monday, November 05, 2007

*****IT'S BEEN A YEAR*****

Some of YOU may remember this picture of my little SWEET GRANDMA GARNET! This was taken in August last year when the Davisson Brothers, and my dad and mom, my 2 aunts who are daughters of this sweetie,Grandma's friend, and some other cousins visited and played country music! In November, Grandma Garnet passed. SooOOOOooo that's why I say EnJOY! NOW! whoever and whatever YOU can!
" Grandma Garnet "
I've not forgotten YOU
My little Darling
My little Darling
I miss your smile
and your little saying
when YOU got tickled,
"Oh! SUGAR!"
O! I miss YOU
My Little Darling
Cinda Rae

Friday, November 02, 2007


yesterday I got this Divine Quilt in my old rusty mailbox! I know, how lucky can someone get??!
This is from a woman I met just recently who bid on my art tiles on the "Hope Sees A Star" Auction. A woman who has lost her precious 19 year old daughter Stevie Christine to brain cancer. A woman who shares a lot of things I Love. On this Friday I am thankful for my health, my healthy husband, my healthy children, my family and my friends. I have this beautiful quilt hanging above my computer which everytime I look at it, I told Gina I would pray for her and all her family. Her life changed on April 19,2007. We never know, sooOOOOOooo we must be thankful of what we have now.
" We need to learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose." Gandi
Have a Blessed Week-end and Be still for a few minutes and BE THANKFUL! I'm still at a loss of words why these deaths happen at such an early age, it should never happen, parents outliving their children. All I can do is sit still and wait and pray for HOPE. xoxooxoxoxo,sweet dreams
Thank YOU! Gina

Thursday, November 01, 2007


LOOK! what I was doing last night!!! Isn't she cute???!! hehehe
She's 3rd in a series of Bluejean Babies I've done and she is listed on Etsy!
Her birthday is October 31st! I sure had FUN yesterday!!! HOPE YOU did too!!! xoxoxxooxxooxxoox