Friday, March 30, 2007


phew! It's been a rough week! It's time for some PLAYtime! I'm sorry for the glare on this pic, but I want to get outside!!! I just don't have time to photograph this gal! I used metallics and sometimes they are hard to photograph! It is soooo Beauty Full here in West Virginia today! The birds are singing a symphony of some kind, so melodous!!! and sweet!!! TWEET TWEET!
sorting boxes and boxes of pack rat stuff, + art stashes! I came onto this gal. She had stuck to another piece of art which I will post maybe tomorrow or probably Monday! I jazzed her up a bit and she is good as new! I must have made this piece back in 2005 or maybe 2006!
Do YOU do this, second guess yourself? I do, especailly in church! I wonder if my shoes are clean, are my ears clean?!!! I must have been wearing open toed shoes to inspire this art! LOL Phew! I just remembered this! I got a new coat for Christmas after Christmas(sales:) Anyway, I wore it to church. ok The next time I put it on my husband noticed the TAGS were still on!!! I wonder who saw these when I wore it the first time! I think YOU should tell someone about something like this, don't YOU?
Finally reading my "Living Out LOUD" book by Keri Smith. It is CUTE! One article says to make a WISH JAR! She says the Wish Jar is a powerful receptacle for all the dreams and wishes in your life, especially those that you think are impossible! There is an unseen power that starts to work when you put your innermost desires on paper. Seeeeeeeee for yourself, but be prepared....You WILL get what you wish for. Here is the simple directions: 1. Find an old Mason jar, the one with a screw lid 2. Cut a hole in the lid 3.THINK of things that make your life more fulfilled, luscious, or spectacular! They can be little things or BIG things! 4. Put them in the jar*Watch them come TRUE! Wooooooo Hoooooooo! I'm doing it! Maybe you will hear a song by Cro one day!!! tee hee well partners! HAVE a BLESSED DAY and WEEK_END!!! ps. don't forget to SKIP!!! xoxoxoxoxxo*** ps.I'll be thinking of YOU!!! Here I come birdies to join in your beauty full chorus!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


hERE i AM! nO, i DIDN'T GO TO ARTFEST! Maybe some day, are YOU going some day too? Instead, on the first day of Artfest which was yesterday, I started working on this art piece for a friend around 11pm after I had gotten my back porch ALMOST washed down! ( I had rested on my couch watching "America's Next Top Model and switching to seeeeeeeeeeee who got booted off American Idol! By the way, I always pick my FAV on the first show and I LOVE that youngster, SANJAYA with his wild hair! He needs to start belting out some songs. He has it but Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin and Gina can really sing too!I like Blakes style!)I LOVE to get that done every Spring but sure enough after I get my porches both done, that nasty yellow-greenish pollen comes!That's why I'm holding off painting on my little front porch! My violets are peeking out! Those are one of my FAV flowers! well, have a BLESSED Thursday! I'll be thinking of YOU! Yes! I mean YOU!xoXOXOX ps. I loved the last thing in this article about turtles, "HOME is WHERE YOUR HEART IS" and I can't go to where Thea lives but I can HUG her in an art piece! This art piece is dedicated to You sweet Thea******

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Just an old jar of ROSES
for YOU and me
mmmMM, the smell, let's tickle our noses!
on the back porch, have a glass of tea
Thinking of my Grandma Garnet today(she loved ROSES!)
and THEA, the sweetest soul,
Grandma would have been 99, it's her Birthday!
I'll think of them somehow together now, Thea's baby and Garnet up there on Heaven's Roll
Aren't those ROSES pretty and full
2.99 at the grocery store
I'm GLAD I got them, somehow today I feel a back porch swing pull
they are a comfort today, those ROSES in a jar, I'll be back for more!
ps. Hey Yioeng! Just had to SHOUT out to YOU too! because my Grandma Garnet was famous for her Lemon Merinque pies, and also she made the BEST galettes in West Virginia!!! xoxoxoxooxox

Saturday, March 24, 2007


wELL, HERE I AM! I have been having computer problems, couldn't even download pics last night in my same place, haven't tried today, won't til the week-end is over probably!
Do YOU go through periods when YOU just want to WALK AWAY from this Blogging World and the thing YOU are most interested in which is creating ART right at the moment? I do all the time here lately! but then I get sad thinking about what it would be like without it in my life!
This week it has been a SAD place to be, with Disgusting comments made on a Blog and SAD news of a sweet little Mama girly trying to have another sweet baby just to see the ultra sound showing SADNESS, a dear woman fighting for her health, another couple going to the cabin in the woods after losing a baby, how much sadness can one endure?!!! With real life of your own and sadness being in it and then reading of more and more sadness in the world, one has to go on, just has too! Maybe that's what we need right now, more sympathy, some seem to get it and some still do not! I don't know where I'm going with this, I guess it's just to let YOU know I'm here for YOU if YOU need me! I can say many prayers for YOU! So, instead of taking a BREAK from BLOGGING like I was thinking last night of doing, I'm still here! LOVE and PRAYERS and lots of xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo's
ps.My husband just brought in the mail!I received my ONe Heart-One World give away PINK bracelet FROM DEBBIE!!!! YOU can seeeeeeee it here***i'LL wear it this evening to church and smile thinking about ALL THE GOODNESS and LOVE in the BLOG WORLD! oh! and any advice on this CROW piece??? I was thinking I might add a poem or something to it? What do you think, leave it alone or add a Woodland Crow Dance poem?

Thursday, March 22, 2007


"to: MY DEAR Readers"
i think this Blog
is so ho hum, no wind in my chimes
Hopefully YOU won't fall asleep and zzzZZZZ like a Log!

Some days
I can't WAIT to Post
On others, a cloudy day, I'm hiding like Sun Rays
Wishing I was walking on a Beach Coast

in spite of my slow, almost dying?! PC
i feel like a BIG GIANT SUN RAY!!!
wIsHinG I could meet YOU all, your faces I would LOVE to see!

no pictures but I have words
Let's sing, dance, walk, run and just be our childlike self and play
Don't forget to skip, let's FLY today like the birds!!!!
Happy day to YOU! Hope I see you today, I really enJOY your company!
xoxoxox SWEET DREAMS! (just in case YOU went to sleep!!! ahahahaahahahaahahaaha!!!!!!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


THANKS!!! TO ALL YOU LOVELIES WHO ENTERED MY GIVEAWAY! Please email me your address Hanna at with Spring Winner in the subject line! and HAPPY SPRING!!!! to all my Blog friends!!! and lurkers too!!! Wooooo Hoooooo!!! Today? Tomorrow? who cares, it's finally SPRING!!!!!!!!xoxoxox(some info on Spring

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


i just LOVE DOLLS! STILL TO THIS DAY!!! HERE'S 3 I MADE MYSELF! wHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE BETTER? i CAN'T DECIDE! MAYBE THE EGG GATHERER(THE ONE IN WHITE!she's so soft but they all are!):) THEY'VE ALL GONE TO MARKET! Check these sweeties out on eBay! Just click onto my Ebay do-hickey!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, it looks like I was imitating life with my art unconsciously!!!in my previous post which I hadn't noticed til' I LOOKED at it one day and thought JEEEEZZZZZ!!! tHAT'S ME!!! tee hee The last time I was at the doctor's she said, "wow, your cheeks are red! I wonder if you might be getting Rosacea!(pronounced RO-ZAY-SHA!) Phew! It's always something! Does anyone know how to treat this??? I'll just have to go back to the Dr.s but it won't be til' next month! or the next! YOU have to LOOK on the bright side, I won't have to buy any rouge!!! altho I never did anyway, I'd just dab a little lipstick on my cheeks! I'm not a make-up person! I HAVE to have my lipstick though and eye-liner! LOL well, if anyone knows how to treat this, one article said people will think I am a drinker! Oh, goody, goody gumdrop!!! Another article said to avoid the SUN, and another said get a little sun but don't sunburn! Well, I'm still going to the Beach this fall and I am still going to have a drink now and then so there Rosacea!!! Here is one link to it, please let me know how to treat rosacea if you know!!! Thanks! dear sweet readers! *** sweet dreams! xoxooxo

Sunday, March 11, 2007


don't YOU FEEL better when YOU sing?!!! I do! In church, I always try and remember a phrase or two. This Sunday,(Saturday night is when I go!) it was Psalm 95 that caught my eyes "O COME, let us sing unto the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. and then I read other psalms since I was relaxing, Psalm 92 says for it's title, A Psalm or Song for the Sabbath day. Verse 1 reads, It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most high.
Isn't that pretty? Do you ever sing Psalms?! I do but not often enough! This gal inspired by church and singing is on eBay! Scroll down and click onto my Ebay. One of my favorite scenes from the movie Cold Mountain is when they are in the church singing! I LOVE Nicole, Renee and Jude in this movie! Sweet Dreams! xoxoxox

Friday, March 09, 2007


i WAS Blog Cruising yesterday and read an interesting and thought provoking Post on International Women's Day which was yesterday. She inspired me to do this Art piece on prayers which I am always in prayer throughout my day. When I click onto a Blog and the author is in dire need of prayer, don't you just start praying right then???!!!Sometimes, maybe later. I pray especially at night when my head hits the pillow, that's my signal to begin! ! I fall asleep sometimes with prayers on my lips, waking later and remembering that certain prayer and continuing it once again! Frida asked us to contribute something, a piece of art, monies, something! I commented I would begin to pray and I did. It kept me thinking though so I decided to do a piece of art too and it conveys what I feel. Do My Prayers Matter? and my answer to myself is HOPE!!! I sure do HOPE my prayers matter! I don't have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to help every cause on this Earth but I do have a mind and a FAITH, so I will continue to pray! Here is the link for Frida's "International Women's Day" post and Happy Week-end! YOU are in my prayers!!!*******

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


lOOk what HAPPENED here in West Virginia today!!! Snow and plenty of it! It sure is pretty!!! Here's the view from my little front porch when you lOOk to the right! My neighbor's huge tall pine trees and lOOK at the stained glass hanging! That was my first eBay purchase way back in 2OOO!!! It came clear from Texas and oh Boy! was I ever excited to get such a beauty full hanging! One of my passions is stained glass!
Now! let's get down to business! The business of spreading love in this great big WORLD! We had a give-away on Valentine's Day this year and this gal wanted to have some more FUN!!! My give-away is an "ART 4 A CURE" artist card deck! I don't remember when we first did these but it sure took a while to get them back and I was a little disappointed because my sweet Grandma Garnet's name was cut off on the card somehow! You can't get too mad though, I was still soooooo GLAD to be in this awesome deck of cards and for such a great cause! You can seeeeeeeeeee these cards better (just click on "Art 4 a Cure "link down below by Grandma's card! Once there, give it time to load and then you can run your mouse over each card and it will turn over telling the story about THAT card! Sweet! Thanks! again TraCY!)and seeeeeeeeee all the artists that contributed! I think a lot of them have Blogs now! Tracy Roos does! If YOU would like a chance to win this "ART 4 a CURE" card deck, just be sure to comment!!! We will be drawing the first day of Spring which on my calendar is March 20th, others are drawing names at other times, be sure and check the links I have included for more SWEET give-aways!!! I will try and get my prize out by what would have been my Grandma Garnet's 99th Birthday, March 27th! Let the games begin!!! Woooooo Hooooooo! sweet dreams! I am still sooooooooo sleepy! zzzzzzZZZZ and I snore!!! LOL here's the links to the card deck and Lisa's Nest!!!

Art 4 a Cure cARDS

Monday, March 05, 2007


mY DAD'S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY! HE IS 81! YAyyyyyyyyyyy!
How is EVERYONE????!!!!! 15 MORE DAYS FOLKS! AND SPRING WILL SPRING!!! i SAW A FLOCK OF ROBINS OUT IN MY YARD TODAY!!!! WHAT ELSE?!! WHAT ELSE???!!! Nothing much going on in my neighborhood, (Thank GOD!)take care!!!I'm still sleepy! is it in this weather???zzzzzZZZZZZZ SWEET DREAMS! LOVE TO love YOU!!!! xooxoxo