Wednesday, March 24, 2010


A constant in my days, these sweet feathered friends of mine, my crows I hear every morning! They and the squirrels are waiting for me to get well sooOOOo they can get more treats!
I wanted to pop up on here to let YOU all know I'm finally doing better!!! Better before I have to go take Round#2, March 30! i NEED your prayers to calm me again! THANK YOU!!!
I told my friend chemo is like tying an old hound up and starving it!!! All YOU can do is go to your bed to the loo and sometimes try to get something down, like peaches, pears tasted great! YOU HUG your bed though until YOU get weary of the bed but that is the only place YOU feel comfortable!! PEACE and QUIET is best!!! My dear husband is the sweetest man, I'll include a tiny poem about him! at the end of this post.
There is some comedy though along the way! March 8th I went in to take my chemo at the Dr office. There is a room and 9 chairs. 7 are already taken soOOOo I sit in the recliner that is left. As soon as I sit down, I know it's a mistake! The man opposite me winked at me and then started to STARE and he wasn't going to back down soOOOOo I immediately got up and took the unrecliner chair but beside this man! I know he meant well but I wasn't in the mood to be stared at all through my first treatment which YOU are in a state of shock anyway! My sister-in-law got a big kick out of this, she said YOU still have it, even in chemo!!! Phew! The church lady I called too that has walked this breast cancer journey got a BIG laugh too!
I thought I was transported to Calcutta and was to see a vision of Mother Teresa any moment! That's how many cancer patients came in and they were taking them to the examining rooms to start the chemo til one of our chairs was vacant! I couldn't believe the suffering!! The next day I went to the hospital to take my immune shot, I sat down by a lady who was going to take her chemo. We had a moment when she reached out her hand for some comfort, just holding her hand as tears began to fill her eyes. While I was there I asked about the free turbans and a cute nurse, Peggy went and brought in a big priority box FULL OF BEAUTY FULL HOMEMADE TURBANS!! This sweet woman had sewed at least a 100 of them!!! Peggy told me to take a couple soOOOOo I did! a white one and a turquoise one!
i let my husband cut some of my hair March 14th because it was all in a rat's nest! I HOPE the birds make a nest out of my long hair! St. Patrick's Day, I felt a little stronger soOOOOo I had my son, Mario come and give me a BUZZZZZZ CUT! I did see some women coming in and patches of their hair was gone, I didn't want to see my hair fall out is why I got the buzzz! Damon who called me MOMMYSTEIN in the hospital instead of Frankenstein! LOL He brought over some good Italian restraunt fare and I tasted the spaghetti and it tasted very good sooOOOOo Jerry brought home spaghetti the next day from there, MINARDS!!! Gina, my daughter sent me Leprachan slippers and a turban too! Gina has been soOOOOOoo faithful, sending me goody bags and cards through the mail, just about every day!!!!! I was thinking the mailman truck is like a butterfly pollinating our mailboxes with SWEET TIDINGS and THOUGHTS from afar! THANK YOU!!! everyone for their gifts and wonderful cards!!! They are like SHINING LIGHTS in through the darkness!!!
I've read the Bible every day and things have made me think of our Lord suffering, when they took out my drains from my side I thought of the dear LORD when the soldier pierced his side with a sword while hanging on the cross, JOHN 19; 34Cranberry juice and grape juice taste like vinegar to me now and I thought of JOHN 19;29 GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!!! Have a JOYFUL EASTER! My Gina is coming home Good Friday and staying about all of April!!! ALLELUIA!
O here is the poem,
"darling's footsteps"
ahhhHHHHH, the sweet sounds dear
of my darling's footsteps coming near
He likes to check on me
and my eyes delight for him to see
A touch, a stroke of my hair,
His hands make me feel more fair
I'm so weak and faint
He's like a saint
straightening my bed
kissing my head
God Bless my Jerry
a sweetest man to marry

Saturday, March 06, 2010


What do YOU get your dad on his birthday in a Nursing Home?!! While I was at the hospital seeing the radiation Dr. I told Jerry, "Let's go in the gift shop" and luckily for me they had this stuffed dog that looks somewhat like a hound! My dad loved his hound dogs! I remember he used to take them to shows and he would come back with purple, blue and red ribbons!I even got to go on a Foxhunt with dad and the best part I remember about that was all the hounds barking, the open fire and eating a hershey bar!! LOL I had a blessed childhood with animals everywhere around! It's a shame now I'm allergic to every animal!
Mom is still taking tests and has to do a bone marrow test Thursday alone! What rotten timing this monster CANCER has chosen. I won't be there because I start chemo Monday. This will be my first round. I have 4 altogether and don't know what to expect.I am a big scareddy cat soOOOOo keep those prayers coming for me to calm down! Thank YOU for the prayers for all my family!

That means I won't get to see my dad for 12 weeks?!! I don't know! I have a weak stomach and before I even got to dad's room down the long halls I was gagging with all the smells! and this is without chemo soOOOo I'm not sure when I will see my dad again! IF ANY OF MY COUSINS WHO PLAY MUSIC SEE THIS, PLEASE TRY AND MAKE IT OUT TO THE NURSING HOME DAD IS IN TO PLAY MUSIC FOR HIM AND THE OTHER PEEPS IN THERE!!! CALL MOM FOR THE INFO WHERE DAD IS!!!I ASKED DAD WHEN HE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL IF HE WOULD LIKE THAT AND HE SAID YES!!!
SOOOOoOOoOO I don't know when I'll be back online, please keep those sweet thoughts and prayers, I'm not shy to ask because I know I need them for me and my family! Thank YOU! I will keep YOU all in my prayers too!!!!
PS. I see in this pic I have dad's roommate's name and his portrait of him and his wife in my dad's pic! Please pray for Everett too, his wife was his roommate before dad. She died soOOOOo he needs your prayers too! O! The suffering I have seen!