Friday, May 25, 2007


Please! If YOU have some$$$$$ to donate for Bernie and her sweet critters!!! Every little bit helps! Bernie is a real live ANGEL!!! to animals! Go to her Blog and LOOK!!!! *** and HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!XOXOXOXOXOOXOOXOO,Cinda

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Manmohan Waris

this music makes me want to DANCE tonight! LOL Can't wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if it makes me feel that way in the morning! Does anyone have a tambourine I can borrow!!! LOL

Just messing around on a Wednesday night!


That phrase caught my eye this morning! You certainly can whistle and sing too! dance, dance, dance too!!! Busy getting my flowers ready for the graveyards! I LOVE going to visit all my sweet relatives and friends, leaving just a ribboned rose or maybe a bouquet(for my Grandma Garnet who passed last November and who I miss soooo, so much!)
Psalm 90:10***The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.***12; So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom***17; And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us; and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.
Psalms is one of the BEST books of the Bible! I LOVE them! I have to take more time to read them, I would LOVE to learn them by heart! isn't that pretty??!!! *****WE FLY AWAY!!!!****** THAT'S what I AM waiting for, to FLY!!!!! Happy Wednesday sweeties!!! xoxooxoo

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Monday, May 21, 2007


And HOW was YOUR week-end?!! Jer and I visited a 82 year old dear woman named Jane yesterday! It was her birthday and she was soooo surprised!!! The look on her face when we were at her door was priceless! She sits by us in church and uses a walker. She lives alone in a 1o1 year old house and has never been married. She seems quite HAPPY though. She has made many sweet memories!
going Blog to Blog is so interesting!!! You can take a peek in one another's lives! On the week-end I was so inspired by a young gal. She is such a talented writer!!! She loves bikes and phew! I used to ride my bike everywhere!!! We have 2 bikes in our garage just waiting for us to take them out and repair them! This gal also reminded me of falling in love, what a sweet memory that is!!! How many times have YOU fallen in love??! I have fallen in love maybe 4 times. I've had other boyfriends but nothing serious! Another Blog reminded me of the heartache of breaking up! It took a year or more for me to get over one of those loves! My daughter has gone through heartache too and I just about lose it every time with her! I am sooooooo GLAD when she has gotten back into the light!!! JOY! JOY! JOY!
SO THIS POST is dedicated to Mallory****** who has inspired me(Thank YOU!) and there is your golden locket, how many gals have one of these?! I do!!! and Jerry, Damon, Gina and Mario are inside mine! Who is the lucky ones inside yours?!!!xoxoxxoxooxoxox
Psalm 73:20 My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.

Friday, May 18, 2007


i have been fascinated with turtles lately! I haven't seen one since last year! or has it been 2 years? They always excite me though! You'll be seeing them in my art for a while! tee hee I'll have to go upon our hill out to the homeplace where I grew up! They were always up on our hill behind our house! I remember one summer my brother, Barry found one and he LOVED torturing me, teasing me, you know how brothers are! He said Look Cinda! He had a sweet turtle in his hands and then he threw the poor turtle down the hill as far as he could! ooOOOOOO! I still shudder as I remember it going through the air! That's all I remember though, did I find it again, I think so! Some memories you want to forget! LOL In one of the numerous books I got at that book sale was "Feng Shui, EIGHT EASY LESSONS by lILLIAN tOO and in it for longevity and good health you should have some turtles, EVEN if it is only a ceramic one because the turtle is symbolic of heavenly luck in the form of good health, protection, and support! If you have your health, YOU have everything!
I want YOU all to remember our troops overseas and especially pray for our 3 missing soldiers! and their families and comrades! Pray for their good health and protection!!!The important thing is to REACH OUT to people. TOUCH is powerful!!! We are in this together, this thing they call LIFE!!!LOVE and prayers to all of YOU!!!
Here is a pretty saying I copied off someone's Blog! I thought it was soooo pretty!
***" Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a GIFT, that is why they call it the Present." ***
Does anyone know who wrote this?! I remember going back to this person's (? Thank YOU!)Blog to copy it down so I thought I would include it today! May YOU enJOY your GIFT!!!! XOXOXOXOXXOXOOXO***HAPPY WEEK-END!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


oNe week, you're ALL FIRED UP!, the next week, you're running on exhaust fumes!!!
Phew! I'm still trying to find Spring clothes! What tote are they in? I think I have too many totes! LOL I was asking myself aloud what to do with all these winter clothes now and my husband heard me and said "I'll get you some more totes!" I said "NO!!!! no more totes!"We're gonna be run out of the house by totes!!! Wall to wall totes! My laundry room is full of em! I have a few in 2 closets(some of my readers might not know what a tote is! It is a big plastic box with a lid) I haven't even had much time to read my Bible lately! This message is from last week, like I said I'm almost running on empty this week, I'm TIRED but I'll be perking up soon I hope! Hope YOU are having a DEVOTED week to something YOU enJOY! Even if it is yourself! Meanwhile, I've got to get back to my devotions, my quiet time spent with the Lord! I need to start percolating once again!
O! Here is something that might save you $$$$$$$$$! I haven't checked it out yet but it was on the Pittsburgh news! Sounded pretty good! Let me know if you find it to be saving YOU a $$$$$$$$ or 2!!!! It was getting soooooo many hits last night I had to wait to get on this website!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


That says it all doesn't it? What the world needs now, is Love, Sweet Love, hum, hum, hum there's too little of, how does that song go?!!! I'll google it in a sec! Who sings it?!!! It's one of my Favs!
and the WINNER of the little Jabez Prayer Book is BLUEJUDE!!! I'll email you and get your address Girly!!!Yayyyyyyy!!!!and to all my dear sweet readers, HAVE A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! week-end!!! CELEBRATE ALL WEEK-END MOMS, WE DESERVE IT!!! CELEBRATE AND LOVE MORE!!!!!!!!!XOOXOXO,CINDA ******

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ahhhhh! It is soooooooo pretty in West Virginia today! I can't forget all those though who are having bad tornado and flood memories! Imagine your whole town wiped out by a tornado! Love and prayers out to them!
Over the week-end I went to our Library Book Sale! YES! I got at least over 60 books!!! for, are you ready??? $2.00!!!!!! I would have stayed longer and gotten more but Jer and I had to get home ready for church! LOL Phew! I got "The Frugal Gourmet Cooks With Wine", an older Aerobic Dancing book, a "Amelia Bedelia" book that my daughter just loved! , Robin Cook's "Seizure"(which I just about had when the guy said just $2.00!!!) Let me seee, a "Madame Bovary" a paperback, "The Color Purple", various poetry books, even one from a local poet whose daughter lives in my town!(I couldn't find any Mary Oliver Poetry books) a 1900 Farmer's Almanac, 2 Michael Crichton novels,"State Of Fear" and"Prey", "Tales of the South Pacific" by James A. Michener, a "Natural Healing" book, "letters of the Heart" and lots of those little romantic paperbacks, and numerous spiritual books! just to name a few!
My mom wanted some books too but she couldn't get to the sale because she had a cataract removed so she will be very pleasantly surprised when I take her half of these books!!! I was thinking of YOU too! Seeeeeeeeee that little book, "The Prayer of Jabez" I have one already, this one can be yours and I'll throw in another book too! Just Because! LOL I'll draw for it Friday! Leave a comment! You'll be entered in the drawing!
If YOU look very closely, YOU can maybe seeeeeeeee my beauty full visitor eating bread and trying to take 30 pieces at the same time! Talk about pressed for time, this crow wanted to hurry and get the booty, then scram! I just got this one pic! I'm going to try all summer to get some better pics of my crows! I should open up my new camera! I got for my birthday or was it Christmas?!!! I just don't have the time to read INSTRUCTIONS although I know it's a better camera! O! Here's the prayer,
The Jabez Prayer
And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying,
"Oh, that You would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my territory,
that your hand would be with me,
and that You would keep me from evil,
that I may not cause pain!"
So God granted him what he requested.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


GRRRRRRR!!! I was deleting some pics today, since our pc is always saying our virtual memory is low and came across some pics of art i did at least 2 years ago! She is right on today because I HAVE TO CHANGE MY VIEWS AND RENEW MY MIND AND YOU, YOU ARE THE KEYS TO HAPPINESS! Don't YOU agree? Well, this went well with what I wanted to post about today! back to the GRRRRRRR! lol
My husband weighs at least 15 pounds less than me!!! Why do men lose weight faster???!!! Like I said on Twitter(seeeeee purplish box below) I"m turning a negative into a positive! Don't get me wrong!! I'M very HAPPY Jer is losing weight too and we are trying to get healthier together but why??? WHY???!!! He does a lot of walking with his job sooooo I am going to have to STEP UP my exercise program which is very GOOD! I have to renew my mindset and THINK exercise, exercise!!! and one of the books I got at the Library Book Sale yesterday is Aerobic Dancing, a step at a Time by Phyllis Sawyer and Pat Thornton! It's dated 1981 but Yes!!! Let's all dance a little jig today!!! 2007 tee hee O! how I can get rowled up!!! That's a good thing too!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Won't be Blogging much on the week-end, Jerry's birthday is today! Woooooo Hooooooo! Jerry is my husband and my daughter, Gina's birthday is tomorrow!!!! Anyone else having a Birthday week-end??!!! Have FUN!!! and Happy Birthday!!! This gal will be going to Ebay sometime this week-end! Have a GOOD ONE!!! xoxoxooox, Cinda

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


As you all know I am allergic to all animals now but our neighbor's doggy still comes for visits! History repeats itself and I looked back on May 2006 and I have pics of Fluffy! LOL Back then, we didn't know Fluffy was a girl and we were calling her Beary(for HUNGRY BEAR, and after my brother's name, Barry) I wonder what her real name is! tee hee! She looks cross eyed in that one pic, maybe it's because she was so EXCITED I had treats for her! LOL Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee her lick her lips and she just flops down like that and waits, then she loves to catch the morsels in her mouth! She hasn't gotten her hair cut yet! Thank GOD, she is still ok after all that pet food recall! Isn't she cute though??!!! My mom and dad's doggy is older and not doing very well here lately. His name is Chris and the last time my husband and I visited out to the homeplace, he acted very sad when we left! It made you want to cry for him! I pet him but not too much because when I have allergic reaction it is not a pretty sight and I feel lousy when I do get those! I'm going to have to try some kind of pill the next time we visit though, but I have tried all of them it seems and I still get a flare up! The last good one was claritin but it finally wore off and I was left with breaking out, itchy swelled eyes, the whole allergic bit! Fluffy always cheers me up though and I'm always glad to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her! Is she glad to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee me too?!!! Of course! Dogs love treats don't they??? To her my name is "Treat" Cinda! LOL (don't worry, I just give her mostly some bread, always water!!!) Phew! Animals are sooooo sweet! Sweet dreams! xoxooxo(I dreamed of my childhood friend last night and also cows on lawn chairs!!!! Wait til I tell her! My daughter Gina said "HOW WEIRD!" but it sounds like a nice children's book, doesn't it?!!!)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


i am Happy to announce I have been interviewed by the QUEEN of Zne! What is Zne?!!! I've left 3 links! One to my interview, one to the wonderful world of Zne!! and and Chel launched an online workshop today!!! Wooooo Hooooo!