Friday, October 20, 2006


look how pretty it was outside yesterday! Just wanted to let YOU know I'm taking a little time out for Blogging! I'll still be around, not so much! so don't think I'm not thinking of all of YOU just because I'm not blogging and commenting every day! Love to love YOU! xoxooxxoxox, Cinda ps. I'll be back!

Friday, October 13, 2006


I just threw my paint brush in the dishwater that was left over and of course I had turquoise water....I looked again before I threw the water out and there it was, a little verse and the reflection of the sky!!!
Turquoise Water
in a dish pan
LOOK again
and you'll see the SKY!
You can seeeeeeeeee ART in the every day! You can also seeeeeeeeeeeeee how the clouds were floating by fast because of the wind today! Brrrrrrrrr, it's cold here in West Virginia!!! but BEAUTY FULL!!! Have a Beautiful Reflecting Week-end!!! xoxoxooxx

Thursday, October 12, 2006

FINALLY! Blogger let me upload my COLOURS!to go along with Poetry Thursday's verse! PHEW!


Little girl
that won't shut up
in the back seat of a vehicle
I LOVE her!
She's sooooo EXCITED
about LIFE
It's a car ad
but some day
they will be showing this AD
back when this now famous actress
was a child,
YOU can just seeeeeeee
the stardom
stars in their eyes!
I love that ad
where the little dog
in this beautiful girl's arms growls
for his mistress a seat on the bus
it works, the big boy who was all sprawled out obliges
and the beauty sits down with her doggie! HA!
She is sooooo pretty
We'll be seeing her in movies soon
and then there's Timeless, Ageless Audrey Hepburn
All the girl wants to do is
Sounds like me,
Yeah, I'm a dancer!
I LOVE the ipod commercial
where he is dancing
among all the
I love upbeat ads like this
Ones that inspire or make you laugh, chuckle and smile
and DANCE, maybe in the evening you'll dance
My name is Cinda Rae Oliverio and I approve this message!

Monday, October 09, 2006



wHAT a great time I had yesterday!!!! Sunday morning, my mom and dad came to pick Jerry and I up for a Sunday drive! Woooo Hoooooo! We sure had a great time! Mom drives kind of fast but it was all good! We all had to drink COKE though when we came home! You should have seen the HAIRPIN CURVES we were on! but it was sooooooooo RELAXING!!! and the trees have began to turn but they haven't reached their peak yet! That's why dad wants to go back and we saw this barn while we were traveling soooo fast but it was one of those MAIL POUCH barns and dad wants a pic of that too! Dad wants to go again and soon! We went clear up to Kingwood to seeeeeeeeee some cousins in a Nursing Home, kind of sad, then we drove by this old, old hospital where my mom's parents had been in, also her sister for TB back in the day! I didn't know they wouldn't let mom in here, she had to go to a TB hospital in Beckley, West Virginia. That's where I was born! Poor mom! She didn't get to keep me with her in the hospital, my Grandma Garnet had to take care of me and an aunt and uncle took care of my 2 year old brother! I think for about 6 months! Oh well, everything turned out alright! My parents finally bought an old farmhouse and lots of land! I had a great childhood living among all the animals!!! Many hound dogs, cats, turkeys, chickens, a few pigs, ducks,sheep and lots and lots of cattle!+ your wild ones, squirrels, chipmunks, possum, foxes, raccoon, deer!and my sweet dear favorites, the crows Cawing me to come out and play!!!and to hurry up and feed them too! Red hereford cattle my dad would want you to know! My dad has come such a long way since the first of the year! We can't believe it! soooooo if they want to take another drive, I'm going! We also stopped at Cool Springs, it was at the bottom of Cheat Mountain(i think!) Lots of bikers were there......we wanted to stop here but didn't know we were that close but I recognized the old train in the background as we almost sped by!!! I excitedly yelled out, We're at Cool Springs!!! It's funny how you remember something when you were little and then seeeeeeeeeee it again when you are grown! This place was the most amazing place back in the day but now it is a little run down, and kind of dark inside! Dad got him some Strawberry butter jam and mom got some horehound candies! I just bought some wooden postcards! They had some Davy Crocket hats in there still and Indian slippers, soooooo many odds and ends! Phew! It would make you chuckle! I should have taken more pics! Maybe next time! Have YOU taken a drive lately!?

Friday, October 06, 2006


ROMANCE is in the air or as that song goes, "LOVE is in the AIR"
My sweet friends in Blogland have inspired this post! and rainy collage, also this little scruffy scratched music box! I bought some vintage jewelry off of a lady in late summer before she went back to her winter home in Florida! I have yet to list anything on eBay yet! Still sorting and cleaning!
This jewelry box is among many I brought home that night! She kept us talking and talking into the night! She suggested I throw this little box away but I said "Nah, I'll keep it!" and it wasn't until a few days later I got around to cleaning it up and I just had this feeling it would bring me something special! It didn't disappoint! I opened it up without even winding it and it played "DR. Zhivago's theme song, "Somewhere My LOVE"***Lara's theme, the very song I listened to on a wintry beautiful day years ago on my wedding day morn! AhhHHHHHH! Dr. Zhivago is also my most Favorite movie, also some other movies I LOVE is "Flashdance", "Last of the Mohigans" "Legends of the Fall", "Yentl" Here's a little poem to go with this post
"O Little Music Box"
Wind it up!
It will play a pretty song
Ting O tinkle, ting a ling
Hum along
and wish
a wish of happiness
and love to YOU!
Wind it up again,
it's tune sings for YOU!
Ting O tinkle, ting a ling
by Cro
for all my sweet blogging friends! I LOVE to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee YOU all come visit me on my Blog! and I LOVE visiting YOU!!!Thank YOU!!!!!! xoxoxooo

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I WISH YOU WONDER for Poetry Thursday

"Love of the Great Body"
by Cro
I loved
the body
Every summer
I would come and enjoy
although one summer,
the body
almost claimed my life
I even saw
an illusion
of a skeleton sitting on a throne!
in the deep of the home of the body
I called him
too bad KING***it was a SWEET summer!
I was the QUEEN of LIFE!
I had to fight for my life
That beautiful day
No-one knew
the danger I was in
As i finally got to shore
I was almost running up the beach
to my family, the real wondrous love of my life!
It was like walking for the first time,
a freedom was just had, a celebration of my soul
I was sooooo GLAD and kind of in shock
at what had just happened and what could have
That night, there was a price to pay
I chilled and was very sick
Sunburn will do this
My body
had been captive by the Great Body
for just a little while
but the memory
has lasted a lifetime
The body of course
THE OCEAN*********i THINK love of family saved me that day and the ocean taught me to not take anything for granted and it is very STRONG****I think the OCEAN should be a WONDER of the WORLD... i LOVE THE oCEAN, don't YOU??? It is so comforting to sit by the ocean and listen to the waves of life. Here is a list of the ancient 7 Wonders of the World**** I thought THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA was one! and it actually is Thursday here in West Virginia, the time is 1:47 a.m. sweet dreams!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Can YOU imagine the future? What's in your future??? I have no idea what's in mine, maybe a wedding or two! lol I have 3 children and none of them have taken the BIG plunge yet! One of my girlfriends became a grandmother this year and she is tickled PINK!!!
I've been thinking lately I'd LOVE to write a little poetry book, what is one of your dreams?
I don't think we will be ordering stars in the future, but who really knows!!!! I sure HOPE not, let's really enJOY them, not many things that beautiful are free! and let's all make an extra special effort to get some fresh air! Open that door and go outside! mmmmMMMM! I'm talking to myself more than anyone, this fall cleaning is getting to me but it has to be done but I am sooooo slow!! Take Care! I'm thinking of YOU! xoxoooox

Sunday, October 01, 2006


woooooooo hooooooo! my 200th post, thought i would change my profile pic but i am going to miss Miss red lips! LOL It must be in the air, i seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a lot of profile pic changes! I've got to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whazzzzuuuppp with my speakerz on this stupid pc! I go to You Tube and see their videos but no sound! How is everyone??? sweet dreams! xoooxxoxo