Tuesday, February 28, 2006


this is the upper half of the #2 collage rejects!!! but I do not question Somerset's decisions! I had some images that might have been copyright headaches on the lower half of this collage! I have been published in Somerset, once on the tailskirts of Tracy Roos with her beautiful first art deck of cards, and on my own in the Jan/Feb issue this year, just a little pic at the front of the book where the Letters to the Editor are!(maybe I'll post that some day if I ever find the pic!) but WOOOOO HOOOO! I was honored and EXCITED!!! I am now waiting to hear or get one of those coveted postcards in the mail for your free Somerset coupon for my PARIS SUBMISSIONS! wISH me luck!!!If I don't get accepted you will seeeeee them here! LOL ALSO, if anyone wants to GO FOR IT! here's the "On Assignment" for Expressions list ****ISSUE SEPT/OCT=THEME= BOHEMIAN JOURNEY=ARTWORK DUE DATE APRIL 10,2006****also Special Publication=theme=Altered Couture=due date June 12, 2006 + they have other assignments in their publication! sooooooooo maybe I'll seeeeeeeeeeee you in the next edition of Somerset Studio!!! GOOD LUCK!


well, I got my rejection letter back from Somerset Studio yesterday! + my 2 submissions which are being published today thanks to Blogger!LOL#1 collage, i guess it was toooooooo revealing! I LOVE it tho! It shows me giving birth to my SWEET GINA RAE! if you can't read what it says, it says at the top"UNCENSORED" BEAUTY& an intoxication of the senses********paradise******in the middle it says"GIRL OF THE MOMENT" ***Then down from between my legs is a real rose petal that looks like blood and Gina is on it! and beside that is a real Queen Anne's Lace flower(Ilove this delicate flower) and down from the rose it says "MAYBE SHE'S BORN WITH IT"****CREATE YOUR OWN A GIRLFRIEND forever and then I wrote Mothers and Daughters Cro it was supposed to be for the GIRLFRIENDS **** Expressions**hey! maybe I did inspire them to put ROSES around the other submissions that made it on the first pages! LOL but I did LOVE all the submissions that did make it! They were all BEAUTY FULL!!!! If you need to get inspired I would recommend getting you a Somerset Studio magazine!

i just can't seem to get this collage pic any clearer! Sorry about that, I hope my commenters can comment again! and I notice on her arm the 'the' doesn't show up because it was already on this ad , I might have to ink 'the' in too! but by candlelight this gal is awesome, thanks to the metallics on her "GOD BLESS" hair and on her arm! I love metallics, especially gold! as a few people have noticed! LOL


how many times do we say "God Bless You!" Psalms 115;18 "But we bless the LORD both now and forever" soooooo we must BLESS GOD! too

Monday, February 27, 2006

Olivia and Abi are waiting for a visit too!!!



monday's don't have to be BLUE, They can be a rainbow of colors http://collagecontessa.blogspot.com MUSINGS MONDAYS SOUNDS FUN!!! tHANKS! kRIS


Do you ever just enJOY playing around and move paint around with your fingers and then seeeeeeee what it looks like to you? I love doing this, as you can seeeeeeee in the one picture, I added a dot for an eye because I thought that painting looked like a horse! I remember as a child laying in bed and looking in the folds of curtains and seeeeeeeing all kinds of things, people, animals! Have you??? or sunbeams on the ceiling, shadows on walls??? **********Did you seeeeeeee "DANCING WITH THE STARS" last night! I think the right ones won!!! That Drew and Cheryl really put everything they had into their dancing and it showed! It shined! I love this show! I love dancing soooooo and I loved it when you could seeeee the improvement, Jerry Rice did get better and better, thanks to Anna and his determination!!! LOL and Stacie and Tony, I really enJoyed everyone's dancing! I can't wait til the next one starts! Tomorrow is the AMAZING RACE! I LOVE this show! I wish I could go on it but my daughter won't go with me! LOL It's snowing here in West Virginia......... I didn't sleep very good last night, Jer's back on midnight shift and around 5am an ambulance was at my neighbors and I haven't heard what happened yet! well, happy painting or whatever you are doing today!!!Maybe I'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you later!!!

what's this? it looks like it has wings, an angel?

Sunday, February 26, 2006


T is for Tickle
tickle my funny bone(I have had lots of laughs and joy this week)
U is for Universe
maybe I'll meet you one day in this universe
R is for Rae or Ray
my middle name and I wish you a BRIGHT sun ray
Q is for Quickly or Quirky
whichever you like! LOL
U again??!!
ok, umbrellas, ukuleles, urns(for holding that yummy tea or coffee)
O is for Orgasm of course!
Or NOT! ****LOL
I is for Israel or Iran or from the Iroquois
where Turquoise is abundantly found!
S is for SONG, singing
songs and singing make the world go round a lot better!
E is for ETERNAL
Eternally yours, I hope, I hope I seeeeeeeeee you there! *********a turquoise poem by Cro
I have had a wonderful week of Blogging and I thank Misty once again for all her help and I LOVE it and am sooooooo glad to meet all of the people I have this week! You can seeeeeeeee out my window and I have a tale to tell about this window sooooooo keep clicking to my sight! I'm soooooooo GLAD to have you visit for a little while! There are a lot of INTERESTING PLACES to visit I have found! and
Remember the tea kettle*******it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!!!
Rejoice in the Lord always*******Rejoice! Philippians 4;4
i leave you with JOY and PEACE!!!



Saturday, February 25, 2006


I had to add some sugar and spice today to my Blog! Thanks! to Bina who baked these cakes for Bino! for Valentine's Day and she says she isn't that creative!and they were very YUMMY! They sure do PERK up my Blog! Thank YOU Natalie! February is almost over and I miss it already! Time goes by toooooo fast! Today is a Saturday and I love Saturdays! I was born on a Saturday! Saturdays are for a lot of people their day off, the week-end is for freedom from those 9-5 jobs, a day to let yourself GO! and do whatever you want to! I hope you have a sugar and spice day today!

Friday, February 24, 2006

P H E W!!! LOL

Phew! talk about FUN!!! Here are my self-portraits for ILLUSTRATION THURSDAY GIRLYS! AND BOYS! The first one shows me around the house saying "Phew!" The second one shows me spreading my wings in JOY! It says "My Second Childhood" "Fly High" and "Be Happy" 2 wishes I wish for YOU!(and the third if it applies, don't ever lose your childhood spirit along the journey of Life) and the third one if you notice has lost weight!!!(one of my goals) LOL LOL and it says "Dressed up ready to go out Dancing" Also, it reads "Queen of the LOL's" Someone dear made that comment on my Blog this week sooooo there you go! HAPPY WEEK-END!!!!!!! dance a dance for me and sing a song too! enJOY yourself!!!


Illustration Friday***SONG ***One of my favorite songs is "A Horse With No Name" I already had this collage made from last year, left over from an EBay NO SALE! soooooo it's coming in handy today! How is everyone today???!! It's a beauty full day here in West Virginia! still Brrrrrrrrr, but the sun is shining!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ahhhhh! I run out on my porch to seeeeeeee another "technicolor" magical moment! One of my favorite times of day is twilight! There's something mystical about it! and sad....... it's bidding another day good-bye! What's your favorite time of day??? i also enjoy when I wake up to hear the first bird sing! Sweet dreams!

afternoon delight

what's the West Virginia clouds look like to you? a little elephant or a little sheep???


i am soooooo EXCITED this morning! I checked my comments under my 1950's pic and clicked onto one of my dearest, darlingest friends in the whole wide world!!!! Like me, she is starting a Blog this week! What FUN it is Vickster!!! MISTY kept telling me it would BE!!! How did WE meet???!!! through one of our LOVES,(i call her Vickster because she is younger than me!!! like MOST of my online friends! LOL I'm old!) Anyway, I've got to THANK EBay because this was up for auction, this beautiful Italian stained glass light!!! Isn't it BEAUTY FULL???!!!!! How many years ago, like almost 5??? I forget, anyway BAKED SPUD(Vicki,aka, the Vickster!) won it, not me!!!! i wrote some kind of email to Baked Spud and congratulated her on winning such a beautiful piece of art! We became email junkies! She lived in California back then! She moved and what did I FIND ON MY DOORSTEP ONE SUMMER DAY???? This beautiful GIFT, this stained light we both loved!!!OOOOOOOOOO, what a tresure FRIENDSHIP IS!!! That's what I was going to write about yesterday too! Is anyone else GUILTY of this??? Neglecting real life friends, friends not online, friends you can call every day and get together and have lunch or just go for a walk together?!!! Friends you can touch!!!anyway, FRIENDSHIP IS SOMETHING TO BE TREASURED!!! Thank YOU! again Vicki for the beautiful light, YOU are a beautiful light in my life!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i must have been doing a lot of striped hats last June! This is what a family from the 50's looked like!!! That's my fiddle playing dad(don't you just love the bow tie?!!), my gorgeous mom, and my ornery brother Barry! My dad will turn 80 March 5!!! and mom will turn 75 in May! You know what day Vickster!!!


I've been starting to spring clean, I've got to start NOW! I've been into my pic files too and came across this pic! LOL I used it on one of my altered books! Not in sepia though which I'm starting to like better!and better! i didn't wear a wedding veil, I had a real daisy ringlet ordered and it didn't fit my head! right! sooooo we put it around the punch bowl to jazzzzzz it up! Phew! How time flies!!!

"Don't be Afraid" a poem written 2/20/06

She came to me
on a misty path
I noticed her long blue and gold gown,
was it a kimono?
She reached out for my hand
and said
"Follow me"
She dropped white flower petals
as we walked
we mever spoke
we knew what each other
was feeling
The day was beautiful
The clouds rejoiced!
the trees clapped their hands
the ground we walked on
longed for our touch
Before I could ask her a
real question from my heart
She became a butterfly
and flew away
Sometimes we write poems and try to figure them out! What do you think this poem means? I think it means seize an opportunity before it slips away in a blink of an eye.........I made the little collage to go with it, I think Blogger might have clipped off some bunnies, I will seeeeeee in a minute! I wanted to leave you something this morning because I don't know when I'll be around much today, the counting+ I have a pest control man coming!! At the end of summer I noticed these flying little creatures on our deck, the pest people said they were carpenter ants!!! EEEEEEEeeeeeKKKK! sooooooo I've got to get busy and move furniture away from all the walls! Ug! Now you have some idea of what I'm up to today! LOL Hope your day is filled with blessings! Hope to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you later!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, I HOPE your day was FINE AND DANDY! i'M going to WHIRL myself off to bed in a second! Have to count for artist choice award nominations tomorrow!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! i'LL be checking in here sometime tomorow! SWEET DREAMS!!! ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz




HERE I AM WHIRLING OUTSIDE!I'll have to post another pic later, got to go get supper! I want to thank other Bloggers for their comments, I'm afraid I'm becoming like a Cookie Monster, a Comment Monster! LOL I LOVE your comments!!!!


Phew! I was whirling while my pic was uploading and after I stopped whirling, I whirled for another 15 seconds! Not a good idea for me at least to whirl in the morning! Later in the day, maybe later! I saw my first whirling on The Amazing Race! It is etched in my mind! It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen besides my wedding day and giving birth to my three children!
on other Blogs i wonder whether they are married, do they have children,how old they are, where do they live??! I'm getting that out of the way this morning! I have been married to Jerry for 32 years! I listened to Dr. Zhivago music that snowy December day, sooooo romantic!!!One of my favorite movies too! My brother tried to get Jerry to run off, a last chance to get the H out of Dodge but Jerry bit the bullet and he was a happy man that day and I think he still is! I have 3 children, 2 boys and one girl that have grown to be 2 men and one woman! I lost one child, I think of her as a sweet angel up in heaven! My oldest is Damon,30,Gina,27 and my baby Mario is 21! Ok, all that good stuff is out of the way, oh I am 55!!!!!I'm going thru my second childhood and turning 50 was a good thing! Someone said, "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." and Psalm 90:12 says, "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart"
I'm listening to a bird sing outside! I love birds, as I went out to feed them yesterday, I felt glad to have a little piece of land to do so! I can't believe the stories of the Government seizing your property for the good of the community! well, I'm not getting into all that this morning! I've said enough for now! I go from Blog to Blog and seeeeeeee everyone spilling their guts out and I can't believe some of it! but I think it's a good thing! Get connected! Say what is comfortable to you and maybe what you are saying will even help someone else! and the sorrow, sharing the sorrow online is a new pioneer........maybe that is why i am finally here, I have lots of sorrow coming my way I know, everyone does
and on a good note, I can't wait to watch The American Idol tonight! I love music and then Dancing with the Stars!!! I love dancing too! sooooo maybe I'll catch you later after my second session of WHIRLING!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Here it is!

I'm a BLOG Virgin! soooo bear with me! Be gentle!!Finally, my pic is showing! LOL Happy President's Day! I can't send this out to YOU today Misty but soon! Wooo Hooo! My first Blog picture! I AM EXCITED! Misty helped me yesterday with my banner( she surprised me with an art doll from my eBay auction)and setting up my Blog! I think she has done a FAB job! LOL She is FUNny, quite an ornery gal when you get to know her! Maybe You have created a monster Misty! No, really I treasure her friendship! She has helped me more than once with this pc stuff! UG! Happy Monday to all! and a BIG THANK YOU! to Sparrow from an old crow! I also want to say a big HI! to Gina, my daughter who will read this and give me STATIC for including her today! LOL She told me last night she never dreamed I would be doing this! So far it is pretty amazzzzzzzing!!!

Thank God for SWEET friends!!!

Here is your collage Misty!
Thank YOU! soooo much for helping
me with my Blog!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Greetings from Turquoise CRO(Cinda Rae Oliverio)

My name is Cinda Rae
I want to meet you all today
or tomorrow
thru happiness and sorrow
It's Turquoise thyme
my FAV of all time
and thyme will help me spice it up! girls and boys
I love all the Blogs out there
It's EXCITING and a nice place to visit and BE
to seeeeeeee what everyone is up to and share
I'm nibby you will seeeeee! (LOL)
So HOPEFULLY I will seeeeeeeeee YOU
and I'll need help, PROBABLY
PC stuff,my brains, It doesn't get thru
GLAD to meet YOU, Glad this is FREE!!!