Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sunday leaves me trying to decide whether to have a Colonoscopy or NOT!! I think I am leaning toward the NOT! at this time! It's been not even a year(Almost, February 23, 2010) when I last was in an operating room for Breast cancer, removing my cancerous lump! Give me a break! I don't have any problems down there soOOOo why the rush?! My regular Dr. has been trying to talk me into this procedure for years! It may be the timing(afraid of Ghosts Past) or I see no reason for it!+ just one horrifying tale of someone I knew, a NICK in the BOWEL that had to be operated on in Cleveland Clinic soOOOo I'm just not feeling this exploration journey my doctor feels I should go on! What do YOU think! Has anyone had this procedure? My mom has and my girlfriend have, with NO problems soOOOOo why don't I just go for it?!
Cawwwwww CAWWWWW! Can YOU spot me on the mixed media painting?!!

                  Using 2 pics of mine I cut up and used it on this mixed media gal (is it art imitates life or vice versa, I think my gal must have swelling in her right arm too! sigh)who is CELEBRATING being alive and celebrating Sunrises, sunsets,birds,friends, family,sweet animals,LOVE,Hot Tamales,peach cobblers, Hershey chocolate bars with almonds, ice cream, potato chips(my weakness!) and trees!!! SoOOooo I'm happy just to be alive on this gorgeous snowy white Sunday! and just yesterday my daughter and I watched deer have some reindeer games!! Here they came, a bunch of them, running fast off of our hill although I was looking for something chasing them but here they came back running, running soOOOOOo fast,jumping and their white tails in the wind!!! They then began to keep running around our yard and my neighbor's just running,running back up the deer track, up the hill then running back soOOOOo fast, making a circle!!! Phew! WISH I had my video camera!! Not wanting to intrude on their running and playing I never ventured outside to capture a picture with my camera! Thank God I have a memory! I can see them anytime I want!! What a grand SHOW!!!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Mario Angel, 27 years ago was born January 23, 1984! My baby Mario was born 6:59 pm!! A SUPERBOWL the day before, between the LA Raiders and Washington  Redskins! Does anyone remember who won?!!! What  wonderful days to CELEBRATE!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIO ANGEL!!! He is rooting on his favorite team today, the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! Is anyone for the Jets?!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why did Cinda give me copper eyes and why not better lips?!! o well, I AM HERE!!! That's all that matters!!Gathering paints, paper,brushes is a JOY to a painter!
old flowers from Christmas but they are still just as lovely!!!Flowers are always a JOY!
Gatherings are always FUN!!! A gathering of birds outside my window are chirping and singing for me as I type this!!! They are JOY!! Some of us gather on Thursdays for JOY, won't yOU join us?!!! *******
HAPPINESS quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste! *Charlotte Bronte
It's supposed to snow pretty well soOOOOOo my mom just brought us some cheeses that are on sale! That way, Jerry doesn't have to travel for them after he works over tonight! That was a JOY! to see mom and to get some yummy cheeses delivered today! AH! the simple pleasures!

I HOPE YOU have pleasures and JOY in your day today too!!!
PS. I just read about this JOYOUS reunion, GOD BLESS Carlina White and her family!***

Monday, January 17, 2011

~*IT IS JANUARY 17?!!!!!~*

Stumbling into Ecstasy Sunday into more Ecstasy Monday ***go here ARE YOU?!! i HAVE MISSED YOU!!!! My daughter's laptop or our connecton to the internet has been lousy soOOOo I haven't been online that much this month! I have been going to ReHab for my lymphedema(swelling of my right arm and hand,UG!) It could be worse but it is an annoyance like a thorn in my side like Paul?!!!
My husband wants to sign on for a trip to Italy but with this lymphedema, riding in an airplane can aggravate this condition soooOOOOo what to do?!!I might try a little plane ride first, like to Vegas! hehe Phew! + I read a HOUSE for SALE ad in our newspaper Sunday,January 2 since my daughter is looking for a house to buy. We looked at it the next day and she decided to go for it sooOOOo we've been busy going over to LOOK at the inside.the outside and now lots of inspections to be made!!! Busy, busy!! Is it me or is January going way too fast??!!!! Anyway, I've been praying for all of YOU and have missed YOU!!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011


She doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve,she wears it on her head!!! Always thinking up in the clouds, dreaming of JESUS!!
Join us at****** for STUMBLING into ECSTASY SUNDAY!!! I'll be thinking of all of YOU when                                                                           
I am eating blackberries and ice cream(such a little thing as this is ecstasy to me now!!!) XOXOXOXOXO

Saturday, January 01, 2011

~*~*~*THINK SWEET*~*~*~

do stop and smell the flowers!
Rebecca has posted a SWEET white flower post and inspired me to do the same although I added some red roses too! HOPE YOU have a happy first day of 2011!!!                                                   
                         go here for a white flower poem and inspiration,