Thursday, March 30, 2006


DAD went back to the home today from the hospital. He took it much better this time, I think he was really glad to get out of the hospital!! Mom and I made a special friend in the hospital, a little nurse named Bethany! She always is looking out for the patients with a smile!
I wonder how all the gals and guys are doing at Artfest! Oh, I wish I could have gone, maybe next year!!! I am sooooo thankful to still have my DAD around! He is doing better and I am very thankful of this! It was a beautiful day in West Virginia!Our MIRACLE COAL MINER went home today too!!!! Yayyyyyy Randall McCloy! May God Bless him and all his family and friends!!!I have a lot of hope for my dad, I hope he improves with his walking and I can't wait to get him outside on a beautiful sunny West Virginia day! It still is One day at a time, one never knows what tomorrow will bring, sooooooooo enJOY today!!!! Love and prayers to You!

Monday, March 27, 2006


Here's another pic I randomly picked from my haphazard files! LOL It seeems to fit the bill tho! There is NO place like HOME!!!! Dad's back in the hospital holding his own and I come home from there every day Zonked, I lay on the couch like a cocooning zombie! I've been going to bed earlier though, I have to get my extra ZZZZZZZZZZZZ's now for sure to get me thru every day, haven't been online toooooo much, not enough time! Today my 98 year old grandmother's birthday(I think she is 98, she has been saying she is 97 for a few years now! I'm going to have to find out her year sometime soon) visited my 80 year old dad in the hospital and mom and I had already left! It was a tear jerker I am sure because she cryed to me on the phone later this evening.Who said tears cleanse the soul? By the time this is over I will have a sparkling clean soul! I haven't let myself cry that much yet, just can't! I'm afraid if I start I won't be able to stop! soooooo I don't but I might anytime soon ........hmmmmmm, How is everyone else???????? I have to visit some Blogs soon to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how everyone is doing! I know everyone has their share of sorrows! but there is JOY!!!! I know a few gals going to Artfest, I kept wishing I had signed up to go but it wasn't in the cards for this year! Maybe next year! Who's going to join me next year??? We better start saving our pennies! How excited these gals must be feeling!!! What a wonderful way to spend a few days!!! getting to meet other artists and learning and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing different things!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Will someone PLEASE send me a postcard from there???? well, I've got to go get those needed ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's! Sweet Dreams!!!! Love and prayers to you!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Did everyone have a happy St. Patrick's Day? I wanted to post today to let everyone that was concerned and left warm thoughts and good energy and prayers and well wishes that they DO HELP!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! I wanted to post a pic soooo I randomly went into a file of pics, mine are not titled just by # sooooo I was very lucky to pick this file with this picture! I made this"I've Seen Too Much" collage last year about this time of year even! I've since found it and had to throw it away because it got stuck on something else! It seems to fit the bill though 100% for what I've seen this week! Inbetween the VA Hospital and the personal nursing HOME , you can imagine what I've seen! A little sweet man had to be sent upstairs to the Hospice Ward, and I saw a little man crying out, yelling different things and then all of a sudden he said "I want a blanket!' The aide got the blanket and wrapped the warm blue blanket around the little man and he went to sleep like a baby! We spent our St. Patrick's Day at the hospital and then on to the Personal Nursing Home.We will have to adjust to these new surroundings! all concerned, dad, the nursing home staff and our family and friends!I have seen this before in these nursing homes, there is always a woman in there that loves make-up and sure enough yesterday mom and I saw a geisha! I imagine that to be me one day the way I like my make-up!There's a clown happy go lucky man in there too, he was making a sound like a train for us just to help make us laugh!The aides were trying to hush him but he said "I just have to do this a couple of times" like he knew we needed a little relief! LOL I told my mom, we have to look on the bright side because the way dad was going down hill all week we thought maybe we would be visiting him upstairs in that hospice ward! I was glad to have my dad going to this personal nursing home, glad he was alive!!! just to have him around!!! Like I told dad, "One DAY at a TIME" Yes, he was mad at mom and me! but this is to be expected. I hope Spring will perk us all back up!!! Thanks!!!! Once again for all the well wishes! It means a lot!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


stepping into the old folk's home,
it won't be that long til I might have to face, a day like my dad, walking into this strange place, not a familiar face, how am I going to say good-bye? and leave him there, He wants to go home! but His health problems won't let him, I must remember this as I get into the car and leave him there, There's no-one strong enough in the family to KEEP lifting this strong man, soooooo I pray for guardian angels at least to lift our spirits! Tomorrow we take dad to a personal home and it is more homey than a nursing home I think........ anyway along this road I have been traveling with dad I have seen many angels! His doctor is one! always has time and understanding, if you say you are a nurse, I have immediate respect for you or a doctor! Of course there are ones that don't take time, just in it for the $$$$$$$$$ but I find more angels than anything! Hope you seeeeeeeeeeeeee an angel today! They are among us!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

where we goin, where we goin from here,wonder what I'll do, what I'll do, when you're not here, my daddy dear, should have visited more, can't think about that now! cause you're goin, goin' away, slowly but surely, you're goin away********where we goin today? gonna make sure you see me more*******they say, you don't know what you got til' it's gone, well daddy, you're not gone sooooooooo I'll be at your side, wipin your brow, combin your hair, hugging tenderly, kissing more, I'm not gonna let you go without a lot more love, lot more love*****from my heart to your heart, I cherish the smiles now more than ever and the glimmers of your old self light candles in my soul, you know daddy, I'll always be your girl, daddy's girl

Monday, March 13, 2006


When I first blogged, February 19, I don't know It seemed to make me more aware of everything more! I wanted to take a picture of this and that for my Blog maybe! LOL well, my post for Feb 23 was about this beautiful stained light I have in my kitchen which was a surprise gift from a dear friend(Vicki) A commenter something about it soooooo of course this is how you do, you go to their Blog to seeeeeeeeee about them! I was looking at her self portrait for Feb.24 I think and then a sudden burst of sunlight came thru my big picture window in the kitchen and I turned from ascender's post to go take some pictures, trying to get the radiance of my stained glass angel! It was so bright and pretty but then I noticed the reflection it was making on the opposite wall on my kitchen door sooo I took some pics of that too just to seeeeeeeeeeeeee what that would look like! I went back to ascender's posts and right below her self portrait was a post about Rhiannon's Digital Quilt( couldn't believe it! I wrote in the comments to this, "Now I can't wait to seeeeeeee these pics!" It gave me shivers and then when I saw the pics and especially this one, I sent it on to the digital quilt! but haven't heard from them! I thought maybe they thought I was a flake or something but this is the actual pic, I don't know how to do photoshop or anything like that(a fact I'm not proud of!), i just know how to auto-enhance and that is for color more than anything! I think it looks like an angel, and when I started my Blog was Feb. 19, when this dear little girl died 2003 and I read since then she was a jokester sooooo who knows, I thought she might be using ascender and me to get a message out! When I saw Ascender's March 9 flower angel post I just had to share this! What do you think?!!??Do you think these type of things happen? ***********and on sad notes, my dad was hospitalized this morning and mom has to find a nursing home!sooooooo I will need some prayers if you have any extra! I am reflecting on the past, present and future all at the same time! Phew

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Being a couch potatoe once again laying on the old heating pad, arthritis having a rainy day picnic on my back and sprained leg(Ug! do you get on all fours to scrub, I do and I got up the wrong way!) I saw a little piece on Fox news about SAFE HAVEN........ A place to go if you or someone you know are thinking of abandoning a newborn! This safe haven protects unwanted babies from being hurt or dying because of abandonment! It allows a distressed parent to surrender an unwanted infant safely, legally and confidentially. It enables the parents to avoid arrest or prosecition for abandonment, requires no names or records and permits babies less than 72 hours old to be surrendered to staff at any HOSPITAL emergency room, police station, manned fire station or designated county site. It makes medical treatment available to the birth mother. There was a SAFE HAVEN HOTLINE#=1-877-725-5111 to obtain a Safe Haven site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! With Blogging you never know who might Blog onto your Blog and if this would happen to save just one infant it would be worth all the blah, blah, blahing a Blog can do!!!


CRY for the World??? The shape it is in, all the cruelties, killings, perverseness!!!EEEEEeeekkkk! and God says forgive thy enemies!!! I can't imagine the pain the family of that murdered tortured girl in NY is having and all the senseless killings in the world!!!This is a collage I did, just part of it, I'm showing! It's a collage I did when I first was hearing about the Bird Flu epidemic!!! It shows a woman holding a tiny bird with great compassion and she is HOPING the little bird doesn't get the Bird Flu! Don't you just LOVE birds and their singing and envy them flying about???!!! In church i try and take something special every week out of there! Psalms 90 caught my eye this week.......Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations........ and verse 10 says: The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.......hmmmmmmm do you believe we will fly away, that is indeed comforting to me!!! I always felt our shoulder blades were not complete, in our passing I believe we will get our wings back and fly away!!! ps. On another note! Does anyone have GREAT advice on copying prints off of your collages??? Is there any great printers out there for this? I don't know much about printers..... I just have an old Epson, is the lazer printers the best or do you get yours copied somewhere??? and are they archival??!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


As we all know life isn't all the time pretty! With elderly parents, mom is 75 soon and dad just turned 80. They have gotten along pretty good up until now, these last 2 weeks, the SHIT has hit the fan! I knew it was going to come and come soon! Dad has Parkinson's + some other health problems and mom has to have oxygen at night. Mom calls these years "Twilight Zone" years, not" Golden years! " LOL We are now faced with an uncertain future, assisted living? It looks like that is going to have to be since they own this rancher out in the country with oodles and oodles of grass to be cut, ect, ect. and dad isn't able to do any of that now! Sooooo, this is a new road I am starting on and I was GLAD to be able to have a little sweet tea, coffee party get together yesterday!!! Thanks! to all that came! It took my mind off of all this if only for a little while and it was FUN! Thanks! again and Thea! You have won the door prize!!! Write to with your address if you want it!!! Whenever I have a get together I loved giving a doorprize! Phew and Michelle, i have something for you too, and Cheryl, please let me know your due date, I want to send your baby a little gift! and Vicki! Yours is already in the mail! HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006


Michelle's Blog got me inspited!!! Her beautiful china and all those beautiful words!!! Let's do an experiment here today! We'll start simple and it doesn't even have to rhyme!!! Just a connection and I seeeeeeeeeeeee that all the time when I go visiting other Blogs!!! soooo I'll start it off(here's a picture of my old tea kettle I got at a yard sale and my FAVORITE CUPS! don't you use the same ones time and time again whatever is my mood! When I'm missing Misty Mawn,(I got to meet this lovely creature last year!!! wooo hooo!) I use her beautiful pottery cups, the light brown and green!!! and the stacked ones I got on eBay! LOL) At the end of all the comments, hopefully you will tell someone else because I don't have much traffic here! LOL soooooo at the end of all the comments I will compile OUR POEM!!! wOOOO HOOOO!
LET ME START! *******An old teakettle
among friends,
Here I am, drinking tea
Like my old teakettle,
my favorite cups
I like to have all around me
I'm inviting you over, YOU!!!
to share a line
or two,
Hope you come

Thursday, March 09, 2006


If I had to chooooooose which painting to submit for "INSPIRE ME THURSDAY" it would be this one! I call it "Surreal Avalanche Tour"


CAN YOU seeeeeeeeeeeeee "inspire" on the middle painting? ooooohhhh, colors I wouldn't choose to be together very often at all! The far left one is Black and white(I have been wanting to do a Black and White painting), the middle is black, white, copper metallic on red background, and the far right one , white and copper mixing into a pinkish hue and black on a purple background! I painted these as I watched American Idol! and I wore my glasses, I never wear my glasses to paint, I only use my glasses for TV! soooooo there you have it, very senseless for" INSPIRE ME THURSDAY "
Hey Misty and Vicki!!! You can show your little gals how I looked near their age! I love old photos and this is my first grade pic! LOL Hey YOU other artists, I ordered my first gesso Tuesday! I got the Blick Studio Gesso, it was cheaper than the Master Gesso!! Maybe I should have went ahead and got the Master??? I've never tried gesso, what exactly is it for, texture??? Does it help to get a dreamy look on canvas? I seeeeeee on other Blogs though how they LOVE gesso, soooo I thought I would give it a shot! Happy Thursday!!! and do you Bloggers dream of blogging???!!! I have had at least 2 dreams about Blogging! phew

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MIKE!!! This is another Blast from the Past pics! I turned 21 in this pic and Mike(Michael Paul) and I was sitting on our mommy's laps! LOL He's right behind me, maybe 1 year or2???years, maybe we are the same age today? I tried calling him to ask him how old he was(I always forget!) but he was out celebrating!!Kind of fuzzzzzzzzy pic but had to add it! Hope Mike seeeeeees it!!! LOL


INSPIRE ME THURSDAY!!! Just an un-auto-enhanced beautiful STRAWBERRY!(i almost autoenhanced it but it really didn't need it!!!) seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee=Look at it!!! It is huge in the first place! and strawberries in March in West Virginia???! I think I read on the package these were from Florida! Thanks!!!Florida! SEE the shape! It looks like a big heart! i TOUCHED it to seeeeee it better and then washed it!! The SMELL of strawberries is soooo sweet! I could HEAR it crunch in my mouth, my lips were smacking even!!! Yummy! The TASTE, I LOVE the taste of strawberries!!! sooooooo there you have it all wrapped up in that one beautiful strawberry=SEE*****TOUCH*****SMELL***HEAR****TASTE*****

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Phew! Did anyone seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the American Idol??? LOL It was Great!!! Paris started it all with that EXCITING TURQUOISE TUNIC DRESS over blue jeans(that's a look for this spring, I like it, it takes me back to my Hippie days! Yeah!!!) Lisa sang ???? but she looked pretty with her blue dress but I agreed with Simon, the song sounded too old for her ,Melissa, wowieeeeeeeeeeeee, did you seeeeee those beautiful earrings and she sang "What About Love?"Kinnik sang??? but looked awesome, is plaid back in???, Katherine McPhee**ver as they nicknamed her sang "Freedom"Ayla sang "Live your life with your arms wide open" and BING!!! BAM!!! HERE CAMe MANDISA singing "I"M EVERY WOMAN" she was on FIRE!!! I LOVED IT!!! and then came cute KELLIE P. Singing "I'M the ONLY ONE" SHE was my FAVORITE of the evening, she is soooooooo cute! She thought Simon called her a mink! He called her a minx, which I looked up and it is a saucy girl! LOL I didn't vote because my favorite show came on "The Amazing Race" I wish I could go on that show, maybe Vicki or Chel will go on it with me, Misty??? Zo?? LLL? Contessa Kris??? Bina??? OOOOOOOOOO and I want to go out and find me some of that turquoise eyeshadow!!!! Thanks Paris! for inspiring me! She's another one of my favorites! Kellie, Paris and Mandisa(am I spelling her name right)Who's your FAVORITE???


phew! All I remember before I got up this morning was I was in the kitchen with my daughter Gina, her friend Carla, and Carla's daughter who was under this way cool hair dryer getting her hair done(Carla isn't married and doesn't have a daughter so this dream must be in the future) and Carla was studying something and I asked her to look up something for me and she handed me the book and there it was "Lotus Blossom" Do YOU remember your DREAMS ? I also dreamed i was sitting in church and we sang a song titled "Rise" hmmmmmm what does this all mean??? Should I be afraid? well, I googled Lotus Blossom and the first one said The Lotus Blossom symbolizes the insperability of the cause and effect*******for the sake of the lotus fruit, there is the blossom #2 siad Buddhism and Hinduism, many of the deities are pictured sitting upon a lotus or holding a lotus blossom, the symbol of enlightenment #3 Lotus Blossom Shawl #4 something about creative thinking and mentioning Darwin, I don't even want to go there this morning, that's another POST maybe, maybe later in the day even if I get the time! but I think I know where the sitting in church dream came from because I was just thinking the other day as I was humming(I'm a hummer, are YOU?) a church song, I thought well now I know why they have these songs, songs will keep you going through the week til church time comes again! SWEET! my favorite insects are the butterfly, dragonfly and the praying mantis!! Here is my self portrait(taken about 30 years ago! sheesh!)and there is my neighbor's house in the background where I grew up! This IS another reject eBay collage that shows a Blue Jay(one of my favorite birds), me as a Butterfly(LOL) and it has a saying,"IF I KEEP A GREEN BOUGH IN MY HEART, THE SINGING BIRD WILL COME" i can't remember who said that? Please let me know! Maybe I'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you later! I might have to paint a Lotus Blossom today!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Here's some FUN!!!!! it's called "QUICK CHALLENGE PODCAST and this is the third one! One of my Favorite numbers!!! I just read about it around March 3 after Vicki reminded me of Claudine Hellmuth's website!(Thank YOU!!! Vickster) I had been there before but not in a little while! Claudine was gracious and made a cover to a Chunky Book I was in!!! entitled what else? "POPPETS" I'll have to post that some day soon! anyway, here, go here and get all the info and I'll be looking for your submissions!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! They are all GREAT! from lighthearted to heavy! You'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Some Bloggers Blog what they are listening to and I've been listening to all kinds of music, I LOVE music!!! but right now my favorite song is by BROOKS AND DUNN! They sing this song about a young boy and an old man out on a porch swing. The old man is showing him his pictures of his closest dearest ones who have died and the boy asks him how he doesn't go crazy losing them?! The old man tells him "I raise my hands, bow my head, finding more and more truth in the words of red, this can't be, this can't be , this is all there is , can't quote the book or verse but you can't tell me it all ends in a slow riding hearst, there has to be more than this, more than you can seeeeeeeeeeeeeee" the boy grows up and goes off to school and then on the phone with his mom his mom tells him the old man has died and at the funeral you seeeeee the grown boy running though the meadows and an old dusty road back to the old man's home and there is the empty swing with an open Bible nearby, and then these words come back to him and Brooks and Dunn sing "Believe, Oh I Believe, there's more to this life than we can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Phew! Try and catch this beautiful song on CMT!!! I heard it again on Friday, it's NO#3!!! Woooo Hoooo! sooooo It has been inspiring me to paint something more than we can seeeeeeeeee and Friday I painted this painting! and what did I turn to in the Bible, my wedding Bible has the red in it, not all Bibles have JESUS'S words in red, Chapter 6, verses 46 &47 *******Not that any man hath seen the Father,save he which is of God, he hath seen the Father. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.
my dad's 80th Birthday is today sooooooo I will be Celebrating! HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Life is a GIFT! My EBay reject collage says "You were born to "laugh"& "enJOY life" and she has an "Inspire" metal under her chin! LOL
Yessssssssss!!! LIFE is a GIFT! EnJOY today! HAPPY SATURDAY & HAPPY BIRTHDAY! "Celebrate like it's your Birthday!"


OOOOOOOOOO! My DH(Darling Husband) did it again!!! Aren't these beauty full???He shops for groceries then gets these!!! Happy Saturday to me! LOL I am spoiled!!! Jerry is the BEST!!!

wooooooo hoooooo! Look what Turquoise CRO got this week!!! Thank YOU!!! sooooooooo much Bina!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

an EXCITING week for mail! I got 2 Zines, Altered Arts magazine, a writing tablet and stickers for mailing from DAV, a favorite fundraising organization of mine(Disabled AMERICAN VETERANS)AND some beautiful inspiring postcards from Melanie!!! Check her Blog out for more details! is this allowed on Blogger, please let me know if this isn't but here are the web sites for and their web site for their EXCITING American Veteran's Disabled for Life

"Miss Delicate"
done some painting today, i tried using an 8"by 16" canvas, i think I'll order another one! or two! Kind of like the size***this pic looks fatter, maybe because it is at an angle but metallics are hard for me to photograph!


Feeling a little BLAH today but then I get inpired once again by going from Blog to Blog! I LOVE those calendars you can get with all the Great Painters on them! For relaxation some days, I try and paint their work! This is Paul Cezanne's "HOUSE with a red roof" I've been wanting to try painting Monet's ? poppy scene with some women strolling with their umbrells and a child is beside each one but what I found most interesting and never even noticed til today is this same house in the background of Monet's painting! Whazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuppppppp with that??? LOL
Anyway, these Blogs are like that, visiting each other every day and it is very INSPIRING! Here is a cool and very generous Blogger I found today******* YOU! meggiecat! I'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeee you later! you wonderful inpiring Bloggers YOU!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


ASH WEDNESDAY*******A reading in church this evening was Psalms 51;17*********Oh LORD, open my lips, and my mouth shall proclaim your praise*****i was really inspired!!! i was gonna come home and collage this but i got on my couch and watched American Idol and you know that commercial where the lady is seen on the floor and yells"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! well that was me tonight,(a couch potatoe!!!) sooooooooooo i posted this collage instead! It is one of my Favorites! It reads "Celebrate Life Better!" I cut the Life Better off in my pic, I hope who sees this will send me a whole pic of it***hint, hint They bought it on Ebay! from me last year! soooooooooo i hope you CELEBRATE LIFE BETTER today!