Friday, September 28, 2007


WHERE has September gone????!!! Time goes too fast!
Another collage, another tile!!! I LOVE the colors in this one! SoooOOOOo colorful and Bright! Check my Etsy store! (Click onto it on my sidebar!)I haven't had anything in there for many moons!!! hehe This one is titled"I STILL GOT MY CROWS!"
WELL, TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY IN THE OLIVERIO'S LIFE!!! MY GINA IS FLYING THE COOP!!! She is moving 9 hours from me!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I WILL MISS THIS CHILD O' MINE! At least now I have a free place to stay right beside the BEACH!!! She has tried getting her foot in the door here in this ugly little town where I live and they are DUMB and DUMBER!!! They are losing a GREAT teacher!!!! Just ask the kids and their parents that she taught last year for her 1 year contract! Yeah, I feel they used her and then abused her soOOOoooOoo this is a BLESSING in disguise! (HOPEFULLY) PLEASE keep Gina in your prayers!!! Yeah, say one for me too! Tomorrow I'll need them! Thanks! Sweeties, have YOURSELVES a BLESSED WEEK-END! AND SWEET DREAMS!!! XOXOOXOXOXOXOXOOOOXO

Saturday, September 22, 2007


What a co-incidence! I'm selling a Cro Collage Art Tile this week on Ebay of a page from my very first Chunky Book! I signed Up for hosted by Tracy Roos! and someone from the swap is selling this same Chunky Book! YOU can seeeeeeeeeeeee it here*** (YOU can seeeeeeeeee my beads and this lil square in her pics!)
I didn't know exactly what I was doing back in those days! hehe and there were a LOT! in this book! I think I have around a dozen Chunky books, some different sizes but what FUN they were making and getting back!!! All the wonderful art!!! I quit then til' this year and I've signed up for a Skinny Book Swap! hehe That's it for this year! Here is one of my tiles I am selling hopefully*****but I just LOVED the back of my page too! It is one of my favorite verses from the Bible. It says, "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." Psalm 122;1 ****Hope to seeeeeeeeee YOU there too one day!!! Have a Blessed Sunday sweeties!!! xoxoxoxoooxox

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


phew! Can YOU believe this???!!! I was going thru my pics tonight and I ran onto these!!!(Girls Just Want To Have FUN!!!) This has been a while, I wonder when,(did SP Challenge have a Famous peeps challenge?!! hehe) probably last year or maybe the first of the year!??? Who knows? My hair is short now and kind of reddish blonde! I miss my long hair, now I have to put up with this short stuff growing inbetween short and long! The short hair is soOOOooooOOO easy though! I thought I myswell post these to give YOU a belly laugh maybe! Laughter is the BEST medicine too!
Also going out with 2 of your childhood friends!!! Remember I posted my childhood friend found out he has oral cancer! He's the one who's mother just died! He is going thru some heavy sh_ _ sooOOOOOooo my other friend and I thought we'd take him out today and we had a GREAT time, just eating at a hot dog joint that has been here for years and years!!! After leaving the "Ritzy Lunch" we went to another part of town where they have all this craft stuff, and homemade wines, a little bit of anything and everything! What I liked the best was this old furniture some woman had painted on! Groovy!!! Dannie liked the embroidered denim wear with WVU on it sooOOOOooo I bought him a shirt and then he bought a cap to match! well, I'm needing some zzzzzzZZZZZZZZ's soooooOOOOSweet dreams!!!xoxoooxooxoooooxx

Sunday, September 16, 2007


How is everyone???!!! I have been busy it seems, festivals, funerals. I wonder why funeral has "fun" in it? It's the last place I would like to be but no-one will live forever, a part of life. GUESS? what? My turtle boy came back one more time and ate 3 cherry tomatoes!!! hehe** It was also the same day my friend's mother died soOOOoo I would have been a little leery to seeeeeeeeee him again although I did keep looking for him and still am! hehe** He was freaking me out because this time he didn't hide in his shell, he seemed to watch my every move! I don't like it when someone stares at YOU, do YOU?!!! Not even a turtle boy!!! He might have been a girly! I wonder how YOU can tell! I HOPE I see him next summer. I want to add him in some of my art eventually! His shell was sooooOOoo cool!!! Don't forget....LOVE THE ONE(S) YOU'RE WITH.....i'VE got to get busy and visit YOUR Blog!!! It seems I don't have that much time anymore to be online sOOoooooOOO until next time, SWEET DREAMS!!!xoooxoxoooxxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxxoxoxox