Sunday, November 27, 2011


still using my daughter's laptop, no time for shopping for pcs, my husband and I went out Black Friday to buy paint for the new house and ended up at the furniture store too!!!Thankfully, we don't have to paint all the rooms!                                           HOPE YOU all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  The painter is coming Wednesday, the new furniture is coming next, next Saturday and in the meantime I am going to go clean, clean, clean although it is very clean to begin with, YOU know how we women have to clean it again!!!Packing boxes, sorting,steam clean the rugs, Christmas rushing in, it's a lot!!
   With 3 houses now to look after(ESPECIALly in the winter, hopefully no frozen water pipes!!), I know I don't have the time for my BLOG right now soOOOOOOoo I will be taking a BIG BREAK until things settle down!!! There will be  time to shop for a new laptop or whatever and a camera too now when things settle down next year hopefully! I wasn't in the mood to take any pictures in September and October after MOM passed but the other day I thought I'd better take some last pictures of my BEAUTY FULL CROWS!!!the sweet deer laying out back, kitty cat visitors! A crow has just landed on the steps railing out from my back porch cawwwwing me for food treats!!as I type this! hehe My camera was part of the LOOT the robbers took too! I thought maybe I had misplaced it, but it is gone, long gone!We had a Thanksgiving visitor standing on his 2 hind legs looking up to the window at us, Mr. or Mrs. Raccoon! I would have LOVED some pictures of that for YOU!! CUTE!
   I will miss YOU darlings so! I will be peeping in on YOU though the week-ends whenever I can!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


O Rebecca!!! and Sunday Postcards from Paradise Gang and other Darlings who may click their way here! GREETINGS,LOVE and PRAYERS await YOU here and beyond and over to our Postcard's Sweet Souls Blogs!

          I will most definitely check in on SPADOMAN with LOVE and PRAYERS!
       I woke up to the CAWWWWW CAWWWWWWing of my SWEET black birds, my crows as I cawwwwwww them!! hehe
I am moving to where pidgeons roost on a church's dome across the street from me! and I am not fond of pidgeons, crows being my favorite!!! I will miss the crows soOOOOOoo much, I hope to CAWWWWWWWW them where I live to chase the pidgeons away!! hehe
     I still haven't bought a computer, with everything I have had no time to shop! The holidays should bring some great sales though sooOOOoo if yOU know of a good deal on them, let me know asap!!!I'm using my daughter's school laptop on the week-ends soOOOo, using old pics is not the best but will do until I get my own pc! She doesn't want all these pics of crows and crazy art on this school laptop which is very understandable!! LOL
   It's soOOOOo good to check in on Postcards once again! I seeeeeeeeeeee a lot of familiar names! A Blast from the past! Love, love, love, all we need is love!!!
That Load becomes light which is cheerfully borne
SooooOOOOOooo YOU know now why I haven't posted for a great while, no pc!!! Just on the week-ends and not enough time to visit other's blogs but this Thanksgiving week, more time!!! Yayyyyyyyyy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and know someone in West Virginia is thinking and praying for YOU!!! Blessings to YOU is a link to SWEETNESS