Friday, September 26, 2008


After cleaning all day, watching some TV, I sometimes browse the internet in the wee hours! Very relaxing! SOOOOOooo much out there!! Phew!
This AM, I came onto Stephanie's Blog, "The NIE NIEnienie Dialogues" I fell in LOVE with all her family!!! The lil Gigs made me chuckle more than once! O! and the photographer Wendy captured such BEAUTY!!! Please CHECK Nie Nie's Blog out and also her sisters, Courtney Jane's c jane enjoy it and SMELL THOSE ROSES AND LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!!!!!
iF ANYONE has any suggestions for me to auction off something to make here on my Blog, let me know! I want to send Nie Nie some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!xoxxooxoxooxoxxoxoxoxooxoxoox, Cinda ps. go here to seeeeeeeeeeee what Christine made!!! Such Beauty!!!!
Du Buh Du Designs

Monday, September 22, 2008


I TOOK a break from cleaning and was sitting out on my back porch rocking in the old rocking chair when all of a sudden FLUFFY appears!!! I thought she might have passed away! I hadn't seen her for such a long time!!! I don't know what her real name is but she LOVES a handout sooOOOOOooo I ran in and got a piece of bread and tossed it to her! She loves catching lil bits with her mouth! tee hee Such a JOY she is! I gave her some water and she looked around for more but then went back up the hill taking the deer path to home!
NOW, BUTCHIE IS ANOTHER STORY!! loL i JUST LOVE THIS CAT! i call him Kitty Boy and also Butchie! He is like those sour patch commercials, first they are sour, then they are sweet but he is the opposite!!! First he is SWEET then he is SOUR!!! He is sooOOOoo funny! He loves me to make over him at first then he says ME-OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and tries to bite and scratch! LOL Phew! He doesn't like his pic taken either at first, the next day he didn't seem to mind! When I turned my back on him, he ran and jumped on my dress and scratched my leg! I said, Now, Butchie that isn't nice!! YOU can't do that but then I realized my dress swished as I walked away from him and I never tie my ties in back soOOOOOOoo he was just doing what an ornery cat does!!! Isn't he cute???!!! My neighbor Violet thinks he belongs to our neighbors down the road. She says he beats her cats up!!! LOL Phew! He always has a rough patch on him somewhere! I wish the neighbors would give him some attention like worm meds!!! He is sooOOOOo skinny!!! I'm allergic to all animals and I pay when I pet Butchie with red swollen eyes and bumps on my arms but it is worth it!!! We don't have any animals but with the neighbor's animals visiting , it makes it NICE for me! I'm always going outside to seeeeeeeeeeee what animal is outside! I'll post some pics of a lil grey cat tomorrow and a pic of Babyface, the lil sweet cat that lays under a pine tree over here. He doesn't want me to come near enough for a pic but I'll try and get a beter pic!!! Until then, have a NICE MONDAY!!! I'm thinking of YOU!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


go here for more pretties!

What FUN!!! It was windy Sunday as YOU can seeeeeeeeeeee, my one dress wanted to FLY AWAY!! the passing cars were wondering if I have finally lost all my marbles! I didn't have any fancy wrapping paper or enough pretty soft tissue paper on hand sooOOOOOoo I just used what I had on hand and that one is of a newspaper clipping on the disappointing WVU game and the coach is really CHEWING someone's ear off! It has also got my state of WV on it too! I added a heart corsage at the top because people in WV really LOVE their MOUNtaineers!!!! Hope we can do better Thursday!
I just did FRONTS of dresses since it was soOOOOo windy. My LITTLE brown and white rose dress should have some more brown roses on it at the top!!! A little risque' but if YOU have seen PROJECT RUNWAY, YOU know risque' will appear! DID YOU KNOW Heidi Klum was born on the same day I met my husband???!!! She was born JUNE 1, 1973!!!! 6 months later I was Mrs. Jerry Vincent Oliverio! This December will make 35 years! WOOT!
the 3rd dress was just a hurry up affair but thought I might as well put it on too! It might be someone's FAV! I call it "Green Sleeves"
well, so much for the FUN, I have to get busy, fall cleaning is calling my name!!! UG!!
THANK YOU LISA FOR HOSTING THIS FUN "PROJECT BLOGWAY!!!" I'll be visiting others later! Take care!!! Love and prayers for all who are having a rough time because of IKE and that horrible train wreck in Ca. and don't forget our boys and girls overseas fighting for us sooOOOOOoooo we can PLAY! God Bless us ALL!xoxoxooxxoooxooxoxxooxoxoxoxoooxo

Saturday, September 13, 2008

***~~~TAKE TIME TO PLAY~~~***

It's the week-end, time to rest and find some time to PLAY!!!
I'm leaving YOU a link to Somerset Studio!!! They call it "ON ASSIGNMENT" in the magazine and YOU have themes to choose from where YOU can try and get published!!!
PAPER DOLLS is coming up for the deadline of OCTOBER 15th sooOOOOOoo get out those scissors and paper!!! Here's the LINK for other COOL topics YOU can shoot for! Be a STAR and get published!
*************************************WANNA GET PUBLISHED??????????????********************************
ALSO, some FUN is awaiting YOU on Lisa's Blog! Hurry, YOU still have time to get your design done!!!
I made a lil bluebird for my aunt. She loves to get cards and I thought I would send a home-made bluebird to her for a smile! Seeeeeeeeeeee her in the tin of threads! HOPE TO SEEEEEEEEEEEE your creations Wednesday or in the future publications of SOMERSET STUDIO!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xxxoxoxooxooxoxooxooxoxoxooxoxooxox, Cinda


Thursday, September 11, 2008


911, WHO CAN FORGET? YOU probably remember when YOU first heard of this horrible day!(maybe I worded this wrong, it was a beautiful day but the actions of this day were HORRIBLE, EVIL!)
What SORROW this day brought and continues to...
I wish LOVE and Prayers to all today! Today, 9-11-08 is a better day, a day to pray for PEACE for everyone, a day to pray for all suffering, a day to HOPE.......
Here is one of my FAV songs, let's all get on the PEACE TRAIN today! I'm THINKING OF YOU!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


are YOU ready???????!!!!!
@---> @--->@--->
Can YOU BELIEVE that one pic is me???!!! Phew, it SURE is SCARY!!!!!
Maybe it will give YOU a chuckle on your busy day!!! I should have saved it for Halloween!!!! Have some kind of FUN today!!!