Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Lisa is having a Halloween Party and YOU all are invited!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


nO! NO! don't call a doctor!!! I had some money scraps left over from that other dollar I made my baby with!!! hehe This one I should title, "Hettie thought she planted roses but she couldn't complain!" WowieEEE, who wouldn't LOVE a money tree???!!! I was working on some little books for my Etsy store but then those money scraps was HOLLERING my name!!! Have YOU ever been like that, just tired but something won't let yOU rest???!!! I was up til' 4 am!!! I don't know where to try and sell this, eBay or etsy???and should I add that saying to the canvas??? or just leave it alone and just put that title on the back??? What do YOU think??!!! How much for??? More than a dollar!!! hehe HAPPY TUESDAY!!! and if YOU make any art money or I think mine is money art, let me know!!! xoxooxooox

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Phew! This was soOOOOOoooO much FUN!!! and DANGEROUS!!! I was hiding pieces of cut-up money(only a dollar)in my shirt pocket as I created this piece of artmoney ART! If my husband would happen to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee me or my son, Mario they might be tempted to call the doctor!!! hehehe Now, if I progress to cutting up $5.00 someone STOP me!!!!
really though, this was FUN!!!! THANKS! to Izabella for getting me HOOKED! Today, I was missing my girly by the sea AGAIN!!! and I got my mind off of birdies flying the nest to artmoney!!! What a co-incidence too! My cut-up dollar had a "G" on it and some of her friends nicknamed Gina, G-Money!
Gina got to stay almost a week instead of just the week-end soOOOOOoooooO we had FUN playing rummy in the weeeeee hours and she taught me how to play Speed! That game makes me yell out! Phew! Gina left yesterday and traveled 9 hours in the rain but was laying on the beach today!!!
I have more WONDERFUL NEWS!!! My son, Damon got on at the Veteran's Hospital. No more getting up at 4 am for UPS although he is going to try and work there in the evenings!!!! He's young but I don't know how that will go! We will see! He would LOVE to do this though because he is getting married next May!!! WOOT! Lots of Exciting news! Now, I have one more son to get a good job! He is just going to have to stay online like Damon until something shows up! Phew! Mario and his friend had to go out to my parents to rebury their old dog Chris! Dad just doesn't have the strength he used to and I know this frustrates him! Mom noticed today the box that they gave them at the vets was showing. Dad didn't get the hole deep enough! It was a sad day Thursday.
Well! If YOU are in the mood to create some artmoney, go here to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee some more!!!! I LOVE Izabella's art! SOOOooooO Vibrant! You'll see if you haven't already!!! I'll be by to seeeeeeeeeee YOU all soon!!! Happy the rest of the Week-end!!!!sweet dreams, xoxoooxoxooxoxoxox, Cinda

Friday, October 19, 2007

***~O HAPPY DAY~***

well. I ran out this evening to get these pics! I am soOOOOOoooo HAPPY today! My Gina by the sea has got her a teaching job!!! Thank GOD!!! Phew! We have been waiting since October 1 since she left! Hope YOU have a Happy Week-end! Gina is coming home to get school STUFF!!! sooOOOOoo I will have a Happy Week-end seeeeeeeeing my gal by the sea! Sweet Dreams, xooxoxoxooxoxxoooxox ps. wasn't the sky just BEAUTY FULL!!! I didn't do anything to them, it was just that spectacular! Thank GOD!!! Alleluia!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


lOOKS LIKE A BOMB JUST WENT OFF! It sounded like it! As Jerry and I was leaving town yesterday we heard this big noise, click, click,CLICK, CLICK!!!! Then POW!!! and then all this dust like smoke!!! I don't even KNOW WHY they had traffic going right past this!!! We were all lucky+the workers no-one was hurt! Demolition workers are tearing down several buildings in my ugly town!!! The paper said a piece of steel fell, hit the floor and blew out a portion of the wall facing an adjacent building on Third Street damaging a store beside this building, old CITY HALL! Phew! They are just soOOOOOoo lucky no-one was even killed! As Jerry and I left, we passed a fire engine that they said hosed down everything! We should have stayed to watch but who knows what kind of materials were in that old building, probably abestos!!! I HOPE they can get some kind of shops or something back in our town! It's one of those ghost towns all across America! BOO!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Leaves are falling everywhere!!! Last week I was thinking of doing a collage with leaves making a gal with a leaf skirt and hat but I didn't get around to it last week! Yesterday afternoon I worked on 2 collages, this one and a stripping paper one I've been wanting to try for the longest time ever since I saw some gal do it sooOOOoo pretty! I'll have to find her again but I don't know how much luck I'll have! Everyone is trying it!
It seems here lately, my collages that I work on are forseeing the future!!! Scary a little huh??? hehe I first noticed it when I had a collage and the map of Indiana was on it. My son's friend then the next Thursday was on his way to Indiana to meet a pc gal! Phew! That didn't work out! I would never want my son to do that! There's too many crazzzzzzzies out there! The same day I had made a collage "By The Sea" and now my Gina is BY the sea!!!
When I finished this collage I Blog Visiting and on Vedrana's here is what I found!***soOOOOOoOOO I was ready with my Leaf Girly! I LOVE my environment! I live on a hill near the city but it is country too since I seeeeee all kinds of varmits!!! hehe squirrels, possum(EeeeK), groundhogs, turkey, geese, crows,raccoons,hawks,and sweet deer!
Does anyone KNOW when to plant those Rose of Sharon Shrubs?!!! I think Spring or the Fall is when YOU do it, my ones I planted last Fall didn't come though! I notice bees all the time on these+on my Cosmos(that Japanese Beetle wasn't invited but they come too but not too many thank goodness!) SoooOOOOOooo that is GOOD NEWS in the environment when YOU have bees although sometimes they pick the wrong places to make their homes!!! They gather nectar to perform their job pollinating all of our agricultural crops, like Almonds, apples, blueberries(YUM!) cherries, sunflowers! sooOOOOoo I will plant some more shrubs and the birdies will plant more blackberry bushes for me+maybe even another tree!!! I have a tree in front of my house they planted and I don't even knowTreePeople, Why Trees? what kind it is!!! Trees are GREAT for shade + they clean the air!!!***I'll have to post a pic of it and maybe one of YOU will know!!! Here is an article on the bees!
Honey Bee Pollination Facts I don't remember what newscast but they said the bees weren't plentiful this year soOOOoOo our food prices will be climbing up more! UG! Well, thanks! for visiting me, I LOVE it when YOU do, that's for SURE! Happy Monday and I HOPE your environment is safe and beautiful! xoxoxoxoxoxxo Ps. GO here fro some FUN! and HOPEFULLY this petition will count too! I'm right down from a tip top of cloud down to the left about an inch!(WV territory) Seeeeeeeeeeee if YOU can find me! hehe maybe I'll seeeeeee YOU up in the clouds! Thanks Vedrana, this was FUN!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


which one do YOU like the best, the BLACK and WHITE version of this same collage is on my CRO STUFF Blog! Check it out!*****

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


doesn't it LOOK like those pines are singing a song and the clouds are the audience listening to their song?!! YOU are invited to my little hill where we can rock a spell! I was spray painting those today! I tried getting a pic of those ornery crows but they won't let me! hmmph! Who do they think feeds them every other day???!!! It was soOOOOOoOOoo pretty all day today, even this evening I ran in to get a pic of the clouds but I didn't make it in time to capture them! They were Pink!!! Seeeeeeeee YOU tomorrow!sweet dreams!!! xoxooxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ

Monday, October 08, 2007


I wanted to share with YOU about my sweet turtle boy! 2 Mondays ago, my turtle boy got run over! I think it was him, we don't have that many turtles around here! It was Tuesday afternoon and I thought someone had thrown out a big piece of garbage, they are always doing that, litter bugs!!! I squinted and I couldn't make out what it was soOOoOoo I thought I'd better go down there and get it out of the road, I'm always checking the road, I'd hate for anyone to wreck avoiding something in the road! SoOOoooOO I went down to the road and my heart told me, "O! NO! I think that is a turtle! My husband had told me he had seen turtle boy down by the road! on a Saturday because my cousin and him were fixing our deck! I thought then, he better stay away from the road! My husband then saw him Sunday right by our porch, I was sleeping in and missed him again! My cousin said Yeah, that looked like that was a turtLE and my Gina said she had seen that Monday night when she left from visiting and wondered what that was in the road! I made this collage soon after and I guess that's what turtle boy would have taught me or told me if he could have! "VALUE EVERY DAY!" I still LOOK for him whenever I go outside and miss him soOOooOo much!!! I'm just GLAD i am a Blogger and took pictures of him! SWEET DREAMS! TURTLE BOY, REST IN PEACE!!
My sweet husband worked over at work and then when he came home he buried Turtle Boy right beside our driveway! It was dark but that's my Jerry! He made me soOOooOOo happy burying him! In the Spring, I'll plant some Cosmos for him! hAPPY WEEK SWEETIES!!! XOXOOXOXOXOXOX and don't forget TURTLE BOY'S advice "VALUE EVERY DAY!"

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Thought I would try Ebay for this gal! Check her out! My Ebay is on my sidebar!
Maybe this is me! hehe Little Girl Blue! missing my Gina! She is having such a great time EXPLORING her new home! Hopefully, she will get the teaching job she interviewed for on Tuesday! Monday, we hear!!! Wish Gina GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Meet Carmella! We had to redo my front porch last week soOOoooooOOOO there was some wood blocks just laying around soOOOooo I will be making some art dolls because I have other STUFF laying around just waiting for me to do something with it! Nothing is organized like I want it but I found everything for Carmella! hehe She is in my Etsy store! Go meet her! I've got to keep my hands and mind busy! missing my gal, Gina!
If YOU don't go to my Etsy store, Carmella was inspired by my son and his fiance' who took a stray kitty from here last week-end. As YOU know I am allergic to all sweet animals!The kitty looks like that pic on the tag! They named her Carmella! hehe

Monday, October 01, 2007


What a co-incidence again how things happen and change! I am having a SAD day today, it finally HIT me, MY Gina is gone, but just 9 hours away! Look on the BRIGHT side!
Here is another tile, it is in my Etsy shop! I'm trying to put some things in there finally! HAPPY OCTOBER!
TODAY is also a day for Brianna Lauren Grant and Stevie Christine McMoyler. I belong to a wonderful group of artists and we are having a Benefit Auction starting today! These daughters have died this year and ZNE, the group I am in is having a wonderful auction to raise funds for a mosaic in the butterfly garden at the Oakland Zoo, remembering these SWEET girls. HOPE SEES A STAR Memorial Project hopes YOU can visit and seeeeeeeeeeee all the art that is being Stevie_Brianna auctioned off for the funds to do so! One of my favorites is Mrs. Sweet Pea and her Babes! hehe very CUTE! Thanks!!!HONEYS! Here is all the info**********well, up there, I'm still not too swift posting sometimes! Thank YOU Chelise! (our sweet ZNE Queen)