Tuesday, August 29, 2006


pHEW! It's almost FALL! Can YOU believe it? I've read about gal's little gals and boys going to school for the first time and FINALLY, my gal, GINA is teaching her own first grade this year!!! She SUBBED for 4 1/2 years, last year was burnt out and didn't SUB at all,until the 18th of this month they called and asked her to SUB for this school's first grade! Hopefully, she will be here for a whole year, that's what we are hoping!!! It is sooooo EXCITING!!! So far, so good. Her first grade has been very well behaved so far! lol
Oh! here's a family of PRIMITIVES! LOL I'm selling these critters on Ebay....... they had a special for today, Gallery PLUS where you put your mouse over the pic and it shows larger! Yeah! Check them out, I hope they sell, if they don't I guess I'll put them up on Etsy! How's your day going? FINE and DANDY I hope! I've got to go iron in a bit, I'm way behind but wanted to get these critters listed for today's special! UG! Seeeeeeeeeeee YOU tomorrow hopefully! xooxoox ps. maybe I can get a collage done one day!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006


yeeeeeeee-hawwwwwwww! Yesterday, o, Yesterday, life was such an easy game to play, OOOOOOOOoooo Yesterday!
Yesterday, Thursday, My dad(he's 80), my mom, my grandma Garnet's 2 daughters,Aunt Patty and Aunt Judy, a friend of Grandma's, Mariah, my second cousins Eddie and PG, my third cousins, Donnie and Chris, and last but not least my little fourth cousin, Jerrod had a SUBLIME day!!! 5 generations of Davissons!
We all went to the Sunbridge Nursing Home to be with my Grandma Garnet (she is 98)and Aunt Zelma. They couldn't attend this year's Davisson Reunion soooooooooo my dad(he's the fiddle player!) and cousins brought the sweet music to them! We had a pretty large audience, wheelchairs lined up, patients down the hall heard the music and made their way in, aides even enJOYing all this music! Even my little cousin Jerrod sang a couple of songs!!! My dad asked me " I wonder who enJOYed it the most, the musicians or the audience" I think everyone had a merry old time! Lots of the patients sang along, stomped their feet and clapped their hands!! Look what Grandma had on!!!! A turquoise sweater! Woooo Hooooo! sooooo pretty, she would look sad sometimes, I think she was thinking about being able to going home but she is well taken care of there and plenty of visitors visit to make sure she doesn't get down in the dumps! Hope you have a merry week-end, try to include some sweet music!!! Be kind and don't forget to smile! and if being kind to someone doesn't work, pray for them! if YOU find yourself growing angry at someone, pray for him----anger cannot live in an atmosphere of prayer****W.T. McElroy.....xoxoooxo

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I think they
are still so pretty
WHY? do YOU say?
Even in death
They show their beauty
dead roses
I feel like
dead rose
After browsing Blogs the other day, seeeeeeeeing sooo many pretty flowers, I decided NOT to Post my dead roses! LOL but today I'm proudly posting them! Aren't they beauty full????!!!! In the eye of the beholder, huh??? lol Today, I feel like some kind of FOG or CRUEL spell by someone has lifted! I even dreamed about them! I'm HOPEFULLY out of their clutches!!!Maybe YOU were praying for me! Thank YOU!!!! Everyone needs prayers........I didn't want to post about my depression the other day either but today, I thought WHO am I posting for? Me or You??? Well, both I think but if it was just for me I would have posted my dead roses soooooooo Watch Out! from now on!!! lol Maybe my struggleing with this nasty depression will help someone! Let them know they are not ALONE!!! xoxoxoox Sooooooo, do you think those roses are pretty??? I sure do!

Friday, August 18, 2006


chirp, CHIRP, chirp, CHIRP!!! Now, don't be lookin' at my porch rails(I've yet to paint them, almost a yearly spring thingie to do but as you can seeeeeeeeeeee I didn't get er' done! but hey! I did blow bubbles!!!! Woooo Hooo!
Do you sit around and worry sometimes? I've been worrying about the little birdies here lately and when we got back from Lake Erie, this is the headline in our paper on page 3! I just HOPE it's not the lethal strain! They found it in 2 wild swans! on the shore of Lake Erie. You know Who lives up there!!! Her paintings and collages always usually have a little birdie in them! Go to Misty if you http://mistyeyedart.blogspot.com//haven't seen her beauty full work!!! but the article went on to say they are on the watch for wild birds coming back into the US and probably these swans are ok, not the lethal strain of flu! I woke up this morning STRAINING TO HEAR A BIRD SONG but the dumb CICADAS drown them out! and I haven't seen my blue jays in days, not many birds and even my CROWS are quiet these days! sooooooooo I sit and worry about them and us!
soooooooo as if Someone knows how I worry someone sent me a little singer! I needed this! If YOU look real close you can seeeeeeeeeeee him or her on the railing post and he sang me the sweetest longest song! It was like getting a gift! I was wondering what he was saying. I think he was saying" Give me some time in your prayers, don't forget me!" I won't forget YOU either, You sweet Blogging friends!!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEEK-END!!!! xoxoxoooxxoxoooxo

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

MY ETSY SHOP just opened! Woooo Hoooo!

WELL, my Etsy shop just opened! Just click on my sidebar to go there to check it out! I don't have a lot in there yet, it just takes too much time to list! That little "have faith" woodblock art hanging or shelf sitter is on ebay(it's on my sidebar too!), soooooo if you didn't want to pay the other price, you can get this cheaper!(maybe) Just wanted to seeeeeeeeee how it goes! I'll be listing some prints sometime!


thinking of Mario, my youngest son and his girlfriend, Kelly today, found some self portraits they took of theirselves! lol They are cuties! They are at Ocean City, Md and Damon and Natalie are at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I think the last times they went they went to the opposite beach they are at now, Bino's second time this year and Mario was at Myrtle Beach last year! Woooooo Hoooooo! I LOVE the beach!
Still Fall Cleaning!!! Ug!!! Might get into some closets today! Double UG!!!! lol got to start thinking about fall and winter clothes now! Where did the summer go???!!! Wish I was at the beach! We always went to the beach in the summers past.........my kids still LOVE to go, I haven't been for at least 3 years maybe! Maybe next year!!! well, I hear a messy closet calling my name!!! xoxooxo

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the lovebirds dancing and a trip to Blackwater Falls!


Both my boys are at the beach this week soooo thought I would FALL CLEAN their bedroom! (the first pic is of my nephew Joseph, my daughter Gina and son Mario, the second is Bina and Bino as they call themselves(my son Damon and Natalie) at the beach another year)Popped in a CD from Misty and I got Misty-eyed just when Black Tambourine was playing... I came onto a scrapbook Damon's girlfriend had made him last year when he turned the big 3 0!!! It was soooooooooo SWEET, I'll share a few pics, this young love story going on right before our eyes! AhhhhHHH, I AM rich! I LOVE my family sooooo much soooo I thought I would write some poetry too! lol
Don't let the devil
come into your heart
He's not playing level
Don't even give him a little part!

He'll try
to steal (your music, your peace, your harmony, your essence, your soul)
Your JOY, all your joy, by and by
You won't even FEEL

Save yourself today
Not another second or minute to that red demon ASS
Become a sun ray
Light up! Lighten up your soul and let him pass

There it is
a big old wooden table
full of grapes, pasta, wine, strawberries too!

There we are
sharing ourselves
sharing our family
sharing our LOVE

I seeeeeeee you there
I'm sooooo happy to
seeeeeeeee you there
Can you seeeeeee
at the old wooden table
with me!???
I'll be back later to post some more love story pics! Got to get busy, just took a break!!! lol

AMAZING story for YOU this morning

I don't have much time right now but this story already made me cry this morning! Heroes are among us just like Angels! xo
Jason Thomas is an angel!!! God Bless YOU!!!

I'm also going to BE exploring Melba's Aunt Denise's website later! If you want to read Melanie's post click onto Melba-Just Be on my sidebar!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Soooooo cheery, these drawings were such a surprise!!! tonight! Yes, my mail was delived at 9 0'clock tonight! Phew!!! whazzzzzzzzuuupppp with our mail, someone said we don't have enough mailmen right now! WELL anyway, just look at these SWEET drawings I got from Miss INDIA Mawn!!! Aren't I lucky? I like that turquoise face! lol Thank YOU India!!!so BRIGHT AND CHEERY! Art runs in the family, doesn't it Misty??? I'm going to have to hunt another frame! These have to go up SOON!!! i'm feeling much better! Thanks! for the sweet words and prayers! too!!! everyone! xoxoxoox sweet dreams zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'M Back! I thought about YOU!!!

Shit! I feel like shit! LOL Phew! I REALLY had a swell time on my mini vacation, it's NOW, I'm having trouble with! I might not be blogging as much but I will check in to seeeeeeeee how my peeps are doing!
Anyway, I forgot my camera but that really wasn't a big deal! altho there were a few times I said, "Wish I had my camera!" I went to Lake Erie, Misty eyed art country but didn't get to seeeeeeeeeeee her, she was busy with Melissa and then to Buffalo, NY she went!!! My husband and I had a sweet time! The Lake was beauty full and the lifeguards gave us hell for not swimming in the CONES area!!! lol Phew! We heard him blow his whistle but we squinted and said, "Nah, he doesn't mean us, does he?" No! not us!!! and then here comes a lifeguard scooter driving down the beach and stops in front of where we are swimming, and with his little walkie talkie motioned us up to the CONES area! At least a lifeguard sea scooter didn't come sailing by us like it did a few times with other people!!! HA! We laughed and shook our heads then!
Isn't that hat cute on that kitty??? I hope Sarah of Rustic Relics has one that color!!!this fall. Well, I'm not staying depressed sooooooo don't worry! Be happy! It seems like some of my friends are having a time of it too, soooooo I've got to go to their Blogs, my depression seems like cake compared to what some of them have been thru!!!! sooooo I will take a little prayer but save them big ones! xoxooxoxoox I did THINK OF YOU!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


finally! Vacation time! I really need this! I feel like I am getting to be a slave to this Blog........Tomorrow we go and next week we're back! I will miss all of YOU! Isn't that pic of me funny??? an inner tube for that little itty bitty pool?!!! lol
love and prayers, xooxooxooxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here they are! My traveling 5 ATC's*** LOL see story below


somehow, I've lost the photo of the 5 ATC's! and Blogger won't let me get it back! Maybe later! Phew!(got them back, they are UP above this post! phew!)The Atc's I did for this exhibit were a Family Affair! The top one "Be Happy" is my dad and brother, the second one is my mom's mom, my grandmother Virgie, and me with a little lamb, the third one is my husband, Jerry and youngest son, Mario who gave him his nickname Face, the fourth is my dad's mom, my grandmother Garnet and 2 of my cousins, Rick and Donna and the fifth is a pic of my mom when she was in grade school and Damon my oldest son and Jerry+ my daughter Gina is on this card too!

Just in case YOU would be INTERESTED in doing what I did last year! I sent 5 ATC's(Artist Trading Cards,the ones pictured) to Columbus, Ohio to European Papers, a Center for Paper and Book Art. More than 500 artists from all over the world contributed to this largest ever exhibit of ATCs with more than 2,500 cards on display! Visitors came from all over to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this unique display of ATC's with 10' high walls of cards. After being seen in Columbus the exhibition traveled to St. Marys, Georgia in February and Newark, Ohio in April. It then travels to Nashville, Tennessee on Sept. 7-9 and in 2007 to Newark, Ohio then to San Francisco, Ca. in July! Soooooooooo my ATC's have travelled more than I have!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I think the deadline is August 18 and you can send up to 5 cards per submission form/fee which is $10.00 ps. I wonder how many people have seen my cards, especially FACE, my husband! Here is the link you can go to for details if you want to send in some! Once you get to their website go down and click on House of Cards II, I might get some done! Hopefully but I won't lose any sleep over it if I don't! lol pss.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAMON!!!!!!my oldest son!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! xoxoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxo